Magic is everywhere

By Jamie Festa and Deena Dadachanji


Magic is the reminder ofDeena-and-Jamie the essence and love in everything. It is the little sparkly bit that shows up. The magic begins in noticing and continues in our ability to create more of it. Recognising it allows us to play with it and then everything becomes magical. Magic is a twinkle. Magic is invoked. It is the sacred in everything.

Magic creates miracles. Opening to it allows the possibilities for magic to transform every moment. When we can trust ourselves, we can trust our inner magic, and open to our inner magician. As the inner magician begins to play, we realise that magic is abundantly accessible, ready and waiting for us to see it.


Magic is mystical. Magic opens our hearts and the open heartedness expands the magic. It is malleable in that once you see the magic, you can move it anywhere. Magic is in the stillness of a magnificent mountain, is in the singing of the birds. Magic is in the scent of sage filling the air and in the taste of food shared from the heart. Magic is in a smile and the twinkle of an eye. Magic is everywhere.


I am magic. You are magic. We are magic. All is magic. You don’t just open your eyes and see magic, you open your heart and create it. The magic is within you.


Here at DIMA, we have been playing with the process of creating magic from within and the joy that comes from sharing and celebrating the magic of life. The holiday spirit ushered in even more magic to our hearts and home. Magic led us to fashion a christmas tree from foraged bits of pine trees, and hand-craft ornaments with wood and fabrics. It decorated the house in red berries, and magical pieces of wood, and six hundred solar powered fairylights that showed up just before Christmas. Magic is in the long walks leading us to clover fields radiating brightly with yellow flowers. Magic is in the depth of conversations, it is in the nourishment of a touch. Magic is in the laughter of the heart and the dance of the warm fire in our souls.


Magic is the invitation.

Let the magic in. Be the magic.

Experience the magic.