Vision or no vision, that is the question

By Kanika Frings


KanikaYesterday I asked two close friends of ours, Avesh and Varsha, if they would be willing to make a little clip for DIMA with this months topic “VISION”.

As they are dear, supportive and inspiring new friends for me in the process of DIMA´s creation, I thought they would be the perfect guests to speak a few words for the beginning of this promising year.

Avesh answered that he would be delighted to say some words for DIMA, but that he was uninspired by the topic, as he somehow related “vision” to something in the future, that takes you away from the present moment.

Varsha felt similar, feeling very content and rich with what is, that visions are not happening at this moment and, therefore, she can’t well talk about them, rather she is waiting to how life unfolds.

Receiving their messages did something interesting with me. It made me realise that, despite the fact that I was part of choosing this month´s topic and as much as i relate DIMA with something encompassing vision, i had not honestly asked myself what the word and its meaning mean to me right now.

First of all, I noticed that I could spontaneously relate to their connotations. Secondly, I recalled the inability I had at the beginning of this year to formulate any clear goals, dreams, or other sort of projected attainments I was hoping to realise. Unlike in the past, where I thought it quite necessary to imagine and plan where I want to be in the future, I felt the odd sensation that giving my path too clear a direction would somehow hinder the natural course of things. So rather then defining any sort of conceived vision, it was more a sensation of surrendering to something more spiritual if you like, such as a higher vision, ´existence knows better`, that sort of thing.

And yet, strangely, it felt like a much more grounded approach to ´planning´ the year. A more down to earth, one step-at-a-time kind of approach, without it feeling any less visionary or ambitious as the last year was (in which we created a 900 square metre centre in only 3 months with ridiculously limited funds).

On the contrary, I feel it as rather thrilling, as i can imagine life has any sort of unexpected adventures waiting for me and i gingerly withdraw my impulse to want to control that unexpectedness and make up something sensible to strive towards. So now, that I have taken some time to actually ponder ´vision´ for myself, I experience it as more of a feeling of openness to lean in to what´s coming. Not without a little wariness, but somehow not knowing and still sensing the YES! in my gut that feels expansive in its own right. Expansiveness probably being the emotion I relate closest with vision.

There is something to be said about vision and the connection it has to projecting something in to the future. I suppose whether or not it takes you out of the present moment is a personal thing, but i think it is an interesting contemplation and I´d like to invite you to check in with yourself as to what vision means for you. If you have one, if you´d like one. Have you searched for one all your life? Whether you have the ´everything-will-be-better/different/perfect-when…-syndrome´ and call it vision? Or is vision a dream, a lifestyle or a cliché for you? Is it something you make, create, live or daydream about?

So, prompted by my friends messages, this is what I will take into the next month.

Do I have a vision? Do I need a vision? What would that vision be? But, most importantly, how can i have one and live for it and still be here and now.

Have a wonderful year.

with Love, Kanika