Vision by definition

By Charu Hermsdorf


19A_00480“Vision” appears to be a somewhat broad and irritable subject for many, so I would like to begin by looking at the definition of the word vision.


Vision is the act of sensing with the eye.

It is also the power of anticipating that which may come to be.

A vision is an experience, vivid and credible to the mind, but not actually present, often under the influence of a divine agency.

A vision is also a vivd, imaginative concept or anticipation.


What most fascinates me about these definitions that have made it into the dictionary, is their spiritual origin which is on the one hand so clear and obvious and yet so easy to be ignored.


You could speak to anyone about a “vision” you had or have and people might think you have lost it, yet they “know” what you are speaking of. They know the meaning of the word per definition. But can you know what a pear is, without having tasted it?

Many feel they do not have visions or a vision for their lives or the ability to anticipate things.


I realizd that I have had visions all through my life only after a ceremonial night in which the power of vision revealed itself to me. It turns out it is a as gift that we all carry. More than a witchlike super human power, it is a very human capacity, much like  our intuition: always available and accessible, it is simply a matter of paying attention and trusting what you see.

Once I began paying attention, first hesitantly doubting, the visions became clearer and clearer until there was no more room for doubt. As if my eyes have acquired a new capacity of seeing, of vision.

My experience is, that it is a question of training, exercise even. The more you train, the better you see.
Hearing or reading of visions inspiring people have for the entire world as a whole fill me with comfort, while at the same time it makes me realize, I am nowhere near completion of training. Especially when I feel incapable of sharing a vision simply because it seems to big a task, take world peace as an example. I am grateful that there are people out there with that capacity and I believe in their power. One day, when I am older and with more practice, I would like to join them in a shared vision, maybe even concerning the world as a whole.


A shared vision can be extremely powerful, DIMA has proven that to me and keeps doing so.

Simply by allowing to unleash the BIG dreams, to voice the imagination, to feed it, to share it, to give it support and meaning by allowing yourself to believe it to be real and by others doing so also, makes it almost unstoppable.

It´s hard to describe, for me still hard to believe, but let me tell you dear friends: It works.


Vision is many things, all of the definitions mentioned above, it is accessible and as real as the dictionary.

I hope you feel inspired to try it and that it fills your life with amazement and surprise and may it cause you to be in awe at the wonders of the world like you were when you were a child.


Envisioning a bright, abundant and happy 2016 for all of us!