Sustaining a vision

By Raj Jiwan


Raj JiwanTo keep a vision and sustain it is very difficult, that is the reason why I practice Kundalini yoga.


Visions are very unpredictable, they often come in different forms such as a sensation, a déjà vu, an idea, a thought, an image, or a word.  As veiled and unpredictable as they may be, they catch you by surprise and vary in intensity and duration.


A vision needs to be coded in a manner similar to how we gather information from a Mime, who communicates without words.  The mime knows something we don´t and finds a way to communicate it.


So, a part of us extends beyond space and time too, draws in a vision from the unknown and translates it to another part of us, using a common language so that the meaning can be grasped and understood by our rational sense.


For most of us, the realization of it being a vision, reminds us of our limitations and we come to believe less and less in our vision until we end up seeing them as pure fantasy. This normally occurs due too, laziness, fear, feelings of guilt, insecurity, belief patterns etc. The sad thing is that we accept the uncomfortable situation till it subsides and we loose faith in the vision.


The aim is to break through our own comfort zone, while keeping a strong core,a strong sense of self. To do this we need two things- posture and attitude and  Kundalini yoga gives us the appropriate tools to create Posture and Attitude, to create a glandular maturity and a strong nervous system, so that our very presence and our radiance may can express excellence, to carry our Vision into reality.


Two and half years ago I had a vision and without my strong Sadhana practice, and without the valuable tools that Kundalini yoga gives you, I wouldn’t be making my dream come true right now, opening a RA MA Institute for applied yoga, science and technology here in Mallorca with my teacher Guru Jagat.


How Exciting,


Sat Nam.


Raj Jiwan.