Courage, Compassion, Consistency

By Sarjan Surya



Focus, what a Word!!! And such an important one these days!!


I would like to thank the DIMA team for inviting me to focus on this moment of writing and feeling.


This twenty first century that we are living in, it’s such and important time, the era of information. So many things happening at the same time, it is so easy to get distracted and unfocused. Many wonder why some are succesful and others are not. I am sure you are thinking: “what is success?” of course there are different levels and meanings of it. But I think we can all agree, that at any level of it, there was a big amount of focus in one direction, one thing, in one theme, one project, one goal.

When one wants to focus on something, there are 3 basic things that need to be in place in order for us to be able to mantain the focus and reach the goal that you are seeking to reach. We call it the 3 C’s:


– Courage

– Compassion

– Consistency


I could write an entire article on each one of them, but lets take a look at what they mean and why they are important when you want to focus on something.


Courage is a very interesting Word, in french “cour” means heart, meaning that we need to connect with our heart to be able to have courage.

Why is it so important to have courage when we are talking about focus?

Becuase once you want to focus on something, you will automatically attract difficulties and obstacles. Please don’t get me wrong, difficulties and obstacles are going to be in your life wether you focus or not. The difference is that when you focus, you attract more of them simply because the result that you are focusing on, is going to take you to a different situation then where you are right now in your life.

Focusing means you are aming at a higher level of what ever; consciousness, health, business, relationship. And the universe, God, or what ever you want to call it, loves to make it hard you. Its like the process of a Caterpillar turning into  a butterfly, its a tough and difficult process but the results are beautiful.

So in order to have focus in your life you need the courage to overcome any obstacle and be willing to do whatever it takes. You also need that connection to your heart. Connect, listen and follow it.


Compassion, another powerful and beautiful Word and so important when trying to focus. When we refer to compassion, we are talking about a buddhahood compassion, its not about feeling sorry for others or yourself, but knowing there is love and light in the other and in you, no matter what happens.

So when you focus on something, it is self compassion that will give you the power to keep moving foward. It will allow you to be soft with yourself, to love yourself, it is so important to nourish the heart.

Having compassion with others is also a very important aspect of focusing.

When changing, roughly 97% percent of people will go againts you and will think that you are crazy. Fighting this will create conflicts and drain your energy.

When you have compassion for others, you understand and accept without jugdging that they might not share your visión. Instead you can embrace them with loving compassion. If you manage to do that when focusing, it will empower you and it will make you feel much better.


And last and most important, is consistency. Consisntency is the key point of focusing. You need to be consistent in order to achive what you really want. Consistency is important to be able to go through with the two other points. As we said when focusing you will find many barriers and obstacles, and only with consistency will you be able to go through with them. Being consistant is something that is not very easy at first, once you understand it´s meaning and importance, it becomes easy, it becomes natural.

Anyone that has achieved goals in his life will agree, that consistancy was a key factor. Stallone said it loud and clear in one of his Rocky movies: “It’s not about how hard you can hit, but how hard can you get hit and keep on moving foward”.


If existence provided us with the ability to dream, it is so that when we are awake, we can pursue them. So if you have a dream or a goal, go for it, consistantly, it is yours.


Bearing the Three C´s in mind and with some patience, you will reach your goal or find what you are searching for. Abundance is our destiny, being rich  spiritually, physically, materially.


Thank you for taking the time to read and I wish you all the focus you need to achieve all, or part of your goals for 2016!


Love and light

Sarjan Surya