Commited to our mission



11423399_383357238531748_1247457467245514879_nWe have BIG News at DIMA.


If you strip away all the things we came into this project with – dreams, visions, passion, fear, friendship, trust, naivety, foolhardiness, guidance, ignorance, love, and many many more attributes, among the ´hard core´, if not at the core itself, was and still is, unwaveringly – commitment.

Commitment to what specifically might differ in tone and nuance to us founders and our friends that have helped to make this wonderful project come to life, but it all boils down, in one way or another, to the 4 pillars that DIMA stands on.
Community, Self-development, Low-Impact and Wellbeing.


Now each of these are a universe in themselves and need attention and nourishment in their own right.
We are learning this everyday, and as DIMA´s commitment to raising those pillars strengthens, we are also learning that it is necessary for us to grow in order to do that.


After just 6 month of DIMA´s home being a beautiful old Finca in the heart of Mallorca, it is already becoming apparent that even a 900 square meter house is too small for what we set out to do; that 20 beds will never be enough for the amount of people we would like to reach;
that DIMA simply needs more space to be able to stretch out and soar.


We have realised that what DIMA is is a platform, a place that connects people and attracts people.
Its a space where seekers of all ages and nationalities come together to connect, to grow, to share mutual values, to gather new experiences and to be themselves.

In order to do that most effectively we have decided to detach the name DIMA from the house it called it´s home.
Don’t worry, the Finca Son Gual will stay and we will continue to make the space available for groups and events to be hosted here, but DIMA will become an autonomous platform that connects, hosts, organizes, promotes and informs you about all the things going on in Mallorca that we believe support it´s four pillars.

Because apart from our walls becoming too small, we also found that there are so many worthwhile things going on out there that we want to shout of the roof tops about, so many amazing initiatives, inspiring teachers, groundbreaking courses and fabulous events, that we want to let you know about and get a taste of…And so we are dedicated to making this possible.


We are not quite sure when this will happen and are still working on what form it will have, but it will be soon and it will be BIG, so watch this space… ;)


with Love & excitement,

your team DIMA