Devotion has many forms

By team DIMA


Devotion comes in different forms and ways.

This month at DIMA we have seen it shine through in the work invested in running this place, in the food that is cooked, in the music made from the heart, in the love for detail.

We have experienced it at another wonderful Meditation Festival, abundantly held by Chetana. We have felt it in the sorrows and rejoicing of friends, in the touch of a massage, in the grace of a master, in the sun on our skin, in the vast moonlit sky and in the glas of wine shared in great company. Devotion is everywhere to be found where there is pure intention. Where there is a passionate longing to be fully alive, one with all. Where there is acceptance of our limitations and surrender to the greater that carries us beyond those constraints to an expansive and integrated place in which we can meet, eye to eye.


“I searched for god and found only myself.

 I searched for myself and found only god.”


Sufi Proverb