Joy – an intrinsic quality of everything alive

By Aruna Jacobi


arunaOsho says: “Joy is the spiritual dimension of happiness, in which one begins to understand one’s intrinsic value and place in the universe”


Joy is everywhere when I’m at home in myself.  When Joy rises within, everything becomes intimately connected. There is no boundary between myself and the Other, no separation between myself and all that pulses with life.

Joy, without reason, neither happy nor sad,

flowing through me, in and out through my fingertips,

rising up from the soles of my feet into endless spaces,

Joy, bursting out in unexpected laughter pulsing with truth,

shining innocently through smiling lips and ancient child eyes,

Joy, humming, vibrating gently, no obstacles, softly drenching my skin, like gentle rain dripping from trees and stars above….
There is no I to make, do, desire, keep, hold, grasp, refuse, demand,  ….

How can I resist this sweet invitation?


My hands fall open and my heart begins to dance!