Dance Nourishes Intuition

By Komala Lyra



In-tuition ~ learning from the inside…

Usually learning is associated with new information, something that comes from the outside to add content or understanding to a significant theme.
What has been conveyed down the ages as education requires effort, concentration, memory, external focus, and the idea of increasing data, which will then need to be stored in some part of our brain. So, logic and quantity are involved.
The energy spent to keep the knowledge available when needed and easy to retrieve as memory is often used in detriment of other layers of sensorial acuity. As we are making an effort to remember something, or to absorb information though mental processes, we have less energy available for other functions, that is mathematical… So, slowly, slowly, as we age, there is less aliveness pulsing and more accumulated know-how.
However, there are moments when the organized mind frame breaks through, either in pleasure or pain, and suddenly this certainty creeps in, and we just know without any justification or past memory. There is such vibrant freshness in this kind of “knowing” that precedence does not make sense. In-formation ~ forms that come from inner structures, suddenly, simply arise. Forms are perceived by our sensorial radar without intermediate words, formulas or concepts. Then, it is difficult to express concepts in words.
Intuition is existential, invites bodies, movements, smells, tastes without separating, or qualifying. We take a quantum jump into not-knowing and yet being so clearly precise!
Intuition is impossible to describe, but is certainly felt in magic moments, when eerie feelings are stirred, or we just do not know why, but have to allow a spark to manifest ahead of its own time… Suddenly we are saying something unexpected, surprising to our own ears, often in synchronicity with unpredictable feelings and events.
Oracles arise out of intuitive insights… As per ancient tales, the oracles went into a trance state where movement was basic to the attunement of body and mystery. Slight quivering of the whole body, gentle undulation of head, open hands wavering in the air… The pulsation of life force throughout the whole body activated electrical energy to spark another level of expression, arising out of intuitive wisdom.
As intuition arises out of our own vibrational vitality, and the stillness that comes as a result of a deep tingling, movement is clearly the best nourishment for intuitive vibrancy.
Dance as an exploration into the infinite possibilities of energetic expression, can invite and nourish the flow of energy throughout the whole body. As a means to stimulating neurological pathways, can be refreshing and soothing, leading to a state of sensitivity that is often followed by awesome synchronicity. Whatever may need to be expressed, as a spontaneous response to the aliveness of each moment will have exquisite precision, yet will be totally beyond control. At this point paradoxes simply dissolve…
Yes, dance opens new pathways as well as clear old habits, especially when we are determined to stay open, to listen to the deepest core, to what life is bringing, and dare to respond fully!
Usually, we use a very narrow band of our own life force, mainly because our Western cultural believes are based on scarcity, accumulation, linearity, and mathematical logic. However LIFE is abundant, fully generous, spiraling and undulating truly beyond rationality.
So, one of the most delightful and pleasant ways to invite those qualities into our daily lives is by allowing more of LIFE to move through us… Yes, the body is a fluid instrument, and ageing does not need to mean rigidity, or containment. On the opposite, considering that time brings experiences (for good, or not so…), ageing can bring more possibilities, and enrich our means of expression, especially through body movements.
The exploration that is possible through the amazing ability that the body has to move can be increasingly pleasurable ~ as it expands our capacity to receive and circulate life force, as well as healing ~ as it dissolves energetic designs related to old, fixed patterns of behavior (including trauma, childhood conditioning etc…)
The free flow of movements opens to a wide range of perception, as we also use the five elements as guides to the different range of vibrations within. Each element activates different energy centers and organ systems. While Fire sparks our nerve endings and pumps our heart to distribute blood throughout the whole body, Water soothes and connects all parts as one flow, nourishing the tissues and penetrating the deep core of each cell. The consciousness of the kinetic force of the element Air, invites our muscles to become more resilient, sensible, responsive to what is happening in the moment, rather than keep rigid positions held by trauma or simply conditioned behavior. The cohesion of Earth reinforces our ability to create form, stabilizing our power of presence and receptivity.
When the movement of all elements is developed more and more in synchronicity, it sparks the brain to function at another level of perception. The learning becomes an internal function: learning to listen, learning to feel, learning to respond, learning to be… Rather then abiding to memory lane, we keep resetting our receptors to present time, and opening more and more to the intuitive insights that lead us to make decisions, or to be clear about what we are able to receive and digest energetically. So we can say yes and no truthfully. So we can dance with heart and body beyond fear. So we can live in the freedom of our own uniqueness.“The unknowable is the beauty, the meaning, the aspiration, the goal. Because of the unknowable, life means something. When everything is known, then everything is flat. You will be fed up, bored.” Osho, Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic