Meditation and more…

By Team DIMA


As the season of 2016 is slowly coming to an end, DIMA is quieting down and together with the nature that surrounds it, progressively turning “in”.


I find as the season gradually changes, the sun sets earlier, leaving silent twilight in its wake, it is as if the whole of existence is calming.
The colours become more muted, more pastel, softer, and so does the temperament.
Everything seems to make a slow, almost imperceptible inward movement, becoming a little more watchful, somewhat more contemplative, a little less “out there”.


Tomorrow we say goodbye to the second last group of the year, a Meditation & Yoga Retreat, before we embark onto the communal Vipassana, to let settle the stimulations of this exhilarating year, integrate its countless teachings and insights, hits and blessings.


Somehow when this universal inclination moves us inward, an ambivalent feeling stirs in me. Together with a welcome coziness a subtle sense of resistance kicks in. A sort of melancholy. The summer is over, winter ahead, colder, shorter days and an awareness of contraction that goes along with all of that.
It´s almost like a long, deep sigh in which one can perceive, when paying close attention, a bizarre mixture of exhaustion, disappointment and relief.


But there is no doubt, a new time has come.


It calls for coming back to one self, remembering the drop in the ocean, only to dissolve back into it´s vastness. It calls for the silence and tenderness of a warming, autumn fire.
It calls for an increased dose of solitude, letting the vibrancy of summer reverberate in our senses, taper down and settle.


It calls for Meditation.




The month of October was an unexpected one, quieter as we had anticipated and more rainy, grey days then last year by far.

Between the intense whirlwind of the Primal Intensive led by Puja Lepp and the harmonious flow of an all female Meditation & Yoga group, as well as a Dance of the Divine Feminine. We have celebrated the second Sannyas ceremony at DIMA, had beautiful outings to swim, lounge, sing and watch, welcomed some old and new Faces, enjoyed a magical Sound Bath with Elena Teixidor and made plans for the next year.


See for yourself….