May we be still

By Jamie Festa




As we come into winter we watch things slow down, it gets cold and we retreat more and more into ourselves. If we observe nature we see animals doing the same as they hibernate and go inside.


DIMA, as well, closes its doors and becomes still for the winter, giving space for the energies of the year that has passed to ground in. Resting from the year behind us we naturally do the same ourselves, in our own inner world, we become still.


Reflecting on our journeys, quieting our minds and coming back home to ourselves, to our connection with source, to our hearts.


However, stillness is not something that is around only in the winter. Stillness is a gift that is available to us throughout each and every day of our lives.  Sometimes we get a glimpse of this peace and all becomes still, and other times, we are quite chaotic, and the mind moves in many directions at the same time.

Chaos causes ripples, ripples can easily become waves and this distorts the lens through which we experience our lives.


When we can become still enough, no matter what is going on around us, we can maintain tranquility as if in the eye of the storm.  There is a peaceful calm in the still center, yet the opportunity is there for us to stick our heads out and be stirred around wildly. We often take a peak and feel the torments blowing, but we are blessed with the ever present invitation to pull back and come into our center, to the stillness, to the heart.

A quite, calm observation pursues, things become clear and we are not affected by the cyclone of devastation blowing around us.


Life is filled with wild storms and bright rainbows, and no matter which life presents us with or how we choose to perceive our experiences, we CAN witness it from a place of stillness. From there, there is a deeper peace and understanding of the simplicity and beauty of it all.  We have the ability to come home to ourselves, and to the heart of each and every experience.

In the stillness we find timelessness and in timelessness we find stillness, perpetuating the continuation of inner peace, tranquility, and above all, LOVE.


These past several months I had been experiencing a tornado blowing through my world. Thankfully, many times, I found myself sitting in the eye of it all.  Knowing there was a massive storm, yet truly being able to watch my life unfolding into whatever transformation was occurring for me.  Having faith that all was happening for some higher purpose, although I was not able to understand it all.


However, while in this state of calm (which was not always), I could feel and see that I was held. I was still aware of the tornado out there (or in there ;)), but I was given an opportunity, and we always are. It was the choice to be still enough to see that in the storm there was a peaceful center, and from this vantage point I could see that all was flowing effortlessly. I was in the flow, things were aligned and continuing to align. If I could keep myself in the stillness of my perceived storm, I was able to see that spirit and love were very present, guiding and holding me.


Yet, still, human as I am, sometimes I would take a peak, popping my head out of the center into the winds, spinning my head in the storm, and swirling around.  There were times when it was a personal disaster zone and other times I was lucky enough to catch myself quickly, remembering the invitation for stillness. Stillness would bring me home, bring me back to source, and bring me back to my heart, the center of it all. I was home and all was and would continue to support me, and as always, the storm would pass….and it has. There are still scattered showers that pass through and life continues to provide opportunities and reminders for me to go within, slow down and find this inner sanctum.


Herein lies our lifelong practice and a real gift. The invitation is always there to take the time to erase the time, coming to sit deeply into the stillness of our hearts where all shines brighter, feels lighter and we give ourselves the opportunity to be held by our center, our hearts, and by source.  May we all remember the gift of stillness that is available to us, on beautiful mountaintops and throughout the tumultuousness of raging storms. May we continue to be willing to feel ourselves over and over again and this peaceful connection within our hearts.


May we be still.