DIMA´s Volunteers, Helpers and Friends – an Invitation

By Team DIMA


dimaThe second year at DIMA is about to begin and we are still in awe when looking back on this first year. What an experience!


We began in September of 2015, at the time just three of us, with the keys to a 300 year old Finca that had been empty for almost 45 years. Some rooms had no windows or doors, some had holes in the walls, some had been a refugee for birds.

Everything was dusty and everything needed attention and care. We did all we could do with a task of this dimension, we began with something we could oversee and took it one step at a time.
We began with the kitchen and the “easiest” rooms so that we were able to welcome and host our first volunteers, friends and helpers. There were days in which we felt very positive and energetic, full of ideas and visions for when it would all be finished and there were days in which the sheer amount of walls and ceilings, of holes and cracks, of leaks and stains, of missing doors and windows was overwhelming and we wondered if we would ever finish and get the job done.


What a relief, what joy when the first enthusiastic volunteers showed up, loved the project and the task, rolled up their sleeves and went to work. A rush of energy, fresh and lively, exciting and stirring swept through us and the house. It was then for the first time, that we experienced what we had wished to accomplish: A space in which people come together to create together.


Countless synergies unfold, hidden potentials are revealed, knowledge is shared and acquired, giving and receiving can be experienced. There is something that multiplies the intensity of an experience when you share it with a group of people. Especially when you, through working and creating together, learn to appreciate, to accept and to trust them when you feel inspired and motivated, when you feel you are a part of something and welcome with whatever it is that you are bringing, sharing and able to provide.

So beautiful. So uplifting. So nourishing. So much fun!
The first couple of weeks at DIMA were very much evolving around construction and serious renovation. Then there came a phase of heavy lifting and putting together furniture, some electric and plumbing solutions had to be found and then we finally moved on to decorating and finishing touches in November of 2015. This was inside the house. There was still plenty of work on the outside as well as on and in the Buddha Hall (the old Bodega). We left these last bigger jobs for after the winter.
When we opened again in March of 2016, we hit the ground running.


In less than one month we managed to renovate the old Bodega and get the house ready for it´s first season of groups and retreats. Luckily we once again had an amazing team of volunteers that made these first weeks of DIMA an incredible experience. While we had a great team fixing the walls and floor of the Buddha Hall, we had another team of helpers inside the house preparing meals, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, decorating and continuing with the sheer endless paint job.
During the course of the year, we have had many amazing volunteers with which we have put some more attention to our garden, the terrace and we renovated three more spaces outside of the house and even found the time to make our “swimming pond” for the hottest months of the year.
Apart from the work and the dust, we shared daily yoga sessions, meditations, dances, bonfires, countless incredibly delicious meals, beach days, star gazing nights on the terrace, wine, songs, music, stories, parties, hikes as well as feelings, tears, emotions, and many, many, many belly laughs.
This year again DIMA is looking forward to welcome the brave and curious seekers of every age that would like to come and share, contribute and participate in this unique adventure!


We will begin the season on the 20th of March with a larger project such as fixing the floor of the Buddha Hall and building dry toilets in the garden. There is plenty of space for creative ideas and solutions to the many smaller and larger projects in and around the beautiful Finca, all is very welcome!


Together we will prepare the house for the season, fix what needs fixing, build shade structures in the garden and on the terrace, maybe do a little paint job here and there and whatever else needs doing.


We follow a daily schedule which usually includes time for morning yoga and afternoon meditation, meal preparations and clean ups and other communal tasks which we all participate in. Some tasks might appear small but all contribute to the community and allows for the whole to flow smoothly and for all to feel supported and cared for.


There is a morning working shift and an afternoon shift. We have one weekly sharing or weather report followed by a practical meeting.

In total there are two days off in which Mallorcas abundant and diverse beauty can be discovered and enjoyed. On one of these days we customarily offer a communal outing or have an event at the house.


In the end it is difficult to describe what a volunteering experience for you can look like, as it is shaped and formed by the people you share your adventure with and your very own, personal flavour that you bring to the mix. From what we have experienced, it is an exquisite adventure in which you encounter yourself and others, it is very unique for each individual and always perfectly suiting.


DIMA was made for and is made by the people that participate and contribute. It would not exist if it were not for it´s community, for the people that come, spend time, invest love and energy and fill it with life.


We hope to have inspired and sparked your curiosity and would love to have you come and join us for some time in this upcoming season!

It is an invitation to a new experience, to make new friends, to spend time in nature, to challenge your comfort zone and nourish your soul and your body with lovely, healthy meals, fresh air, physical activity in an open minded community.


If you would like to join us, please write us to info@dimamallorca.com


We look forward to meeting you!


With love and sunshine,