The intrinsic cycle of life

By Kanika Frings


img_5230-croppedContraction and Expansion, the intrinsic cycle of life.


One that seems incredibly hard to surrender to for most of us.

In nature it is a no-brainer, the sun rises and sets. Flowers open and close. Seasons come and go. Breath in, breath out. The heart expands and contracts in rhythmic perfection, continuously pumping life through our system.
It seems so natural and easy to accept and comply to.

So why is it so strenuous for us humans to live with this change of direction, with these contradictory yet complimentary movements of existence in other facets of our lives?


We suffer with every shift of mood, with every turn of events that can not be controlled, preconceived or comprehended.

Not just the dark phases are frightening, even when the clouds scatter and the sun comes through it can be an uncomfortable shift in equilibrium. The human mind seems to cling on to consistency for dear life, ignorantly managing to neglect the fact that this inclination is a stagnant and life negating one.


In winter when the trees are naked and the barren ground and grey skies often mirror our internal contraction, a feisty resistance seems to overcome many a disposition.
A strange reality that is since we all perfectly well know that this is a reoccurring phenomena, a non-avoidable part of life´s pulsating cycle. Why not, like bears, contently curl up into a rejuvenating bundle, appreciating the desolate yet still landscapes as a welcome, peaceful contrast to the lush peaks and abundant valleys of other times? Which really, they are.


By the time spring comes we desperately yearn for the sun to kiss our skin and to lay down our coats and mittens. But then the hardened shell has to come off, the bud needs to crack open to let the flower, impatiently curled up in it´s centre, emerge and expand. This too can be an uncomfortable process, and again aversion to this devastation of a well groomed protection is a common sensation, having to give way to another dizzying time of expansion.
And so, on and on it goes. Another convulsion followed by another rise. Shrinking succeeded by thriving, decline replaces flourish. A beautiful, lively dance of changing landscapes.


Let us, why not, try this winter for a change to watch them, unperturbed, as if we were sitting in the train of our life, observing the changes of scenery passing outside our window. Marvelling at the versatility and plentifulness of our inner world. We can slow down the train and even step out to enjoy a stroll in the desert or inhale the fragrance of an exotic place, but lets not get too attached, or compare the one to the other, as the train will move on eventually, as this fleeting reality too will pass.
And in all honesty, does not the beauty and wonder lie in the colourful array of manifestations passing by our window at every moment anew and surprising?!


What a whirlwind, what a wonder…


We hope you had a soft transition into 2017. May the bleak moments of 2016 be the nurturing ground for new riches, and may the resistance to change only be but a whisper that reminds us not to miss looking out of the window at this astonishing world and giving thanks to being alive.


with love,