Freedom from the past – primal deconditioning

Roshan Gregory Vider

Freedom from the Past – 3 days / 2 nights  

english & spanish  (spanish text translation bellow)


The only way to heal our wounds is to expose them, to bring them to the light. When the longing to be free is bigger than the fear of being exposed, we open ourselves to experiences and reprogram the deepest beliefs about ourselves.


Often the reason for a person to seek therapy is to find some understanding for what they feel, to look at emotional incidents from the past and to free up the flow of energy held in physical tension and patterns of psychological behaviour. A lack of joy and totality from our life is a direct indication of suppressed emotions.

This workshop creates an atmosphere where love and awareness surround and support us, allowing one to pierce through different layers of protection, releasing suppressed energy and return to our essence.


Begin 10:00 on the 2nd of August/ End 17:00 on the 4th August


(it´s possible to arrive a day early for an additional cost of 35€, please let us know in advance if you would like to take advantage of that possibility)




roshanDeva Roshan, *Gregory Vider* has been educated as an Osho therapist, trained in numerous techniques, such as “Voice Dialogue” (working with internal voices), Primal Deconditioning, Emotional Release, Bio Energetics, Body Type reading, Co- Dependency, Enlightenment Intensive work, and Tantra Energetics. His work reflects many years of self inquiry, and radiates a heart-felt, compassionate, deep understanding of personality and essence. He leads awareness intensive workshops in , USA, Costa Rica, Argentina, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia and Germany.





Liberandonos del pasado

La única manera de curar nuestras heridas del pasado es exponiendolas.

Cuando el anhelo de ser libre es mayor que el temor de exponernos

Nos abrimos a  experiencias que  pueden reprogramar las creencias

más profundas y negativas que tenemos acerca de nosotros mismos.

Este taller crea una atmósfera donde el amor y la consiencia nos apoya.

Tomamos consiencia de nuestras estrategias de protección, soltamos energías reprimidas.

abriendo el camino de regreso a nuestra esencia.

antes que podamos ser lo que vinimos a ser, tenemos que deshacer lo que hemos sido programados

para ser.


Roshan Gregory Vider

Su trabajo irradia muchos anos de investigacion profunda del ser,una comprencion vasta de la personalidad y la escencia.
Roshan reside en la comunidad de Pacha Mama, de la cual es parte fundadora, en costa rica, donde comparte su trabajo como terapeuta y artista hace ya mas de 13 anos.