Basic Training in Californian Massage

Sujati Lacanna

The participants will learn a complete  bodywork  of Californian Massage; techniques to connect with the client with emphasis on the quality of contact and presence. We will use practices to help center and connect with our roots in order to easily work from the Hara, or primordial energy center. This helps to create more flexibility and movement, increasing our own capacity to perceive and have an inexhaustible source of energy readily available. This whole process is accompanied by the Breath, which is key to this work.


This course is available to those who wish to grow or perfect themselves professionally as well as those who wish to gain this experience as a part of their transformation, healing, and self recognition process.

This course can change and radically amplify the comprehension that we have of our body and contact with another.

This course is at the service of those who wish to more intimately incorporate their heart with their work and take responsibility for their health and life.

Spazio Californian massage integrates sophisticated body work techniques with a profound respect for the transforming power of loving contact.



Before anything else, to move with respect and care

To touch from a state of quiet meditation

To put conscious presence before technique

To develop intuitive perception and the capacity to pay attention

To treat everyone equally

To work with humility




Couples who wish to explore a new form of contact
Health professionals who wish to incorporate new techniques
Those who wish to learn to touch and be touched from a deeper place, incorporating dance into everyday work,
breathing and meditation through subtly detailed, modern and efficient techniques.


My main objective is for each student to develop sensitivity, intuitive consciousness and trust. Also to acquire the ability to center oneself, maintain fluidity and to be truly present while they give a massage. When these elements are combined with mastery, vital energy is unblocked and flows, which is the essence of this work.

The structure of this trainning is first based on some form of physical practice, followed by the development of the corresponding theory and then by demonstrations by the instructor and practice sessions (giving and receiving) through which knowledge, ability, and the necessary experience is acquired to work in a holistic way; not only effectively but also sensitively and professionally. This work is complemented by basic knowledge of energy balancing, active Osho meditations, conscious breathing, movement (The 5rhythms practice by Gabrielle Roth and the Continuum technique) All this helps us to obtain a higher consciousness about our bodies and more relaxation.

Also, the fundamental basis for this practice is to learn to take care of our hands and body in such a way that one can work without getting tired or hurt.


(the course will be in Spanish with English translation)



I began my training as a therapist in India in 1994, where I lived in the International Osho Commune for 2 years, experiencing various bodywork methods such as rebirthing, massage, colour-puncture therapy and various transformation methods, accompanying this process with an honest exploration of my consciousness through meditation and dance therapies- such as Gabrielle Roth’s 5 rhythms.

I have more than 20 years of professional experience, and have lived in Australia, Argentina, and Spain. I have been trained in the rocking technique (Trager) and then I specialized in Californian Esalen massage at the Oasis Massage School, where I graduated and worked as an assistant and instructor for various courses. I also completed the advanced training course in Family Constellations for Therapists with Vedanta Suravi and Svagito Liebermeister.

At present, I give private sessions and coordinate massage courses and workshops in various cities in Spain, through which I can transmit the essence of my work, helping clients and participants to feel a higher level of well being and consciousness.