Finding Vitality at DIMA Mallorca

By Lucy Scott and Brian Williams


We came to Mallorca in mid-December 2016 to run a Transformational Breath® introductory weekend and stayed on the beautiful island until the end of January 2017. Our therapy businesses in Northern Ireland tend to go a little quiet over the Christmas and New Year period and we felt that it would be a good time to devote some time to ourselves both physically and spiritually. Lucy is a long-term asthmatic with associated digestive problems and works as an Herbal Medicine Practitioner. Brian is a retired archaeologist and is a Trainer of Transformational Breath®. Staying at DIMA, we had access to a yoga studio which we used to practice our own programme of breathing, meditation and yoga. We both found ourselves transformed by our daily practice, together with eating well and sleeping lots.


Mallorca had the wettest winter recorded for the last 100 years but we still managed to get out and about a great deal on beautiful sunny days and explore the amazing landscapes in different parts of the island. We quickly made friends with people in the conscious living community and regularly walked with a couple from Scotland. It was the regular walking in the steep slopes of the Serra Tramuntana, a UNESCO World Heritage site that gradually started to get us feeling really fit. Lucy felt that she had more vitality, energy and stamina than she had experienced in decades. Both of us found that our ability to walk for hours on the steep mountain slopes increased dramatically. Brian arrived in Mallorca with a heart rate of 72 beats per minute but after this winter break was surprised to see that his new pulse rate is 62 per minute. Both of us used the conscious connected breathing technique of Transformational Breath® to get us up the steepest slopes. This technique charges the body with oxygen and energises the body to perform high endurance activities. Our vitality has never been better!


We live in a very beautiful part of Northern Ireland and have many friends there but increasingly we feel drawn to Mallorca. So as we write this together we are back on the island in springtime ready to walk the length of the Serra Tramuntana with one of our Scottish friends. We plan to stay in Refuges along the mountain route, the GR 221 and have a small tent with us in case of emergencies.

After the walk we will hold another breathing event at Dima:(

This Reclaim Your Breath event is being held on the weekend of 8-9 April. There is accommodation, good vegetarian food and a beautiful old wine cellar, the Buddha Hall, for the breathing event. Details are available on posted under ‘Events’ or contact Sean Herron at


Transformational Breath® is a simple, safe breathing technique that can transform your life and fill you with vitality. It works at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels and all that you have to do is breathe! Physically it floods you with oxygen which is what your body needs and on the exhale it provides an amazing detox to your system. Trapped emotions, hurts and traumas are gently and safely released during a breathing session leaving you feeling connected and completely de-stressed. April in this sunny island is a magnificent time of the year with nature bursting into life, with wild flowers everywhere. What a great time to re-vitalise your life for the year ahead.


Lucy Scott and Brian Williams