Strengthening our Vitality

By Chlöe Monteiro


Coming from a still winter in Amsterdam to a vibrating spring on Mallorca. What an amazing transition!


The winter is our time of stillness and going inward. The time where we take a step back and recharge ourselves. We become like seeds under the ground. Refilling ourselves with energy, to be ready to blossom again in the spring.


Spring is my favorite time of the year. It is a complete rebirth of nature. Everything comes alive!

This rising energy is not only outside of us, we can feel it in ourselves. Spring is the time we are most creative, make plans and go on adventures.
For me vitality comes from being one with nature. By following the natural cycle of the seasons, from inward winter to rising spring.


In eastern medicine we call sickness ‘a state where your energy can not adapt anymore to changing circumstances’. When we exhaust ourselves during the winter, we are not ready to blossom in the spring.

I see this happening in a lot of people, coming completely depleted out of the winter. Missing their ground, connection to themselves, their life power to grow again. As a result they get stressed and irritated.


Osho’s Dynamic meditation is a very beautiful way to support yourself in this transition. To reconnect to your life energy, to stay grounded and to let go of anger. The meditation works on all levels to strengthen your vitality.


This year I became more aware of my inner seasons. I began to see and appreciate the qualities of every season. A beautiful journey inwards. This winter I didn’t force myself to stay active and social. I took the time to go in and recharge. By filling up our tank in the winter, we strengthen our life energy, our vitality. Ready to come out in the spring and create again!


I feel so grateful to experience this transition here in DIMA. Surrounded by beautiful nature with new colors everyday.


The challenge for me is to stay centered and in tune with nature when I am in Amsterdam. To maintain this connection when I am back in the city, I meditate. The more I connect to myself, the more I connect to nature. By being aware of what is happening inside of me, I can support myself better. In this way I do not lose myself in this incredible rising spring energy. Instead I can use this power to open up to creativity and new beginnings.


We strengthen our vitality by taking care of ourselves on all levels, physical, psychological and spiritual.

To increase your vitality from the inside, the spring is the perfect season for a detox. A reset to make a fresh vital start in the spring. It helps your body to balance and start moving again after the still winter.


When we find ways to connect to ourselves and tune in with nature, we strengthen our vitality. We feel alive, inspired. I am flowering from the inside out,  falling completely in love with life here in DIMA.

Thank you spring for boosting us all up!


Enjoy this liver and gallbladder stretch to strengthen your spring energy: