By Anne Weber


When DIMA asked me to contribute a short text about humour for the upcoming newsletter I googled and found out that a person is considered humorous who is skillful in the use of humour, as in writing, talking, or acting. Aha. Nice.


20 Minutes later: I am sitting in front of my computer, trying to write this text, trying to be a humourist, I find myself desperately lost in sincerity. Seriously! Isn´t it ironic? Well irony is a different story – let´s stick to humour, this is serious enough.


Last month I lived at DIMA and I tell you just like humour DIMA is a mystery. DIMA is like a joyful garden where the juices flow, where laughter covers everyday life. That doesn´t mean you poop your pants!


There are also times of silence and calmness. Humour does not necessarily have to be outspoken or noisy. It can be delicate and discrete.


I love humour, it makes me feel alive, it gives my life meaning and in DIMA even the snakes have humour. No joke! Listen carefully and you can hear them laughing in the night. Promise.