DIMA is for astronauts

By Gopal


It is Challenge that brought me to the doorsteps of DIMA.

Re entering communal living was my challenge, not by economic needs, but that of information, of finding out, how I mirror with others.


Questions such as:  “Who am I at this moment?” and “Who can I trust to tell?” arise when entering a communal experience.


My beloved master Osho clearly pointed out, that the most current intelligence is generated in the company of awakened beings. Come to the feet of the enlightened one!


This was my challenge and I accepted it.


Once I stepped into the DIMA Buddha field, my fear and resistance soon melted. I felt immersed in a sea of love and innocence and total acceptance.

In fact, my fears never even had a chance. I felt at home at once and nobody was a stranger. My entire being was activated. I felt that I was back in the healing fields and felt totally supported, loved and appreciated.


I would like to thank DIMA for holding this space rocket station and all of you for taking on the challenge of meeting others and being seen, each and every day in order to keep this place available and active for all us astronauts and space travelers.