The Trinity Process – Laughter, Tears, Silence.

Marc Itzler

Originally created by the Indian mystic Osho who, in 1988 created the full 21 day process known as ‘The Mystic Rose’, comprising seven days of each phase.
Trinity is the 10-day introductory version of this formula, with each phase being just 3 days long. The intention is to allow more people an opportunity to experience a taste of this groundbreaking process.
This Meditative Therapy acts like a deep internal cleansing of the blocked emotional and energetic pathways inside of our bodies and goes where the mind can’t follow.
It out runs years of psychotherapy, since it is not about conceptually understanding our problems through mind, but instead, physically releasing what is held hostage inside our bodies.
It uses laughter and crying as doorways beyond our conditioning and inhibitions, allowing us access to a deeper and more profound experience of our life.

About the Facilitators:

Marc Itzler is a Human Potential Facilitator with over 35 years of experience working in the areas of inner growth, meditation and personal development. His journey of inner discovery began in India in 1979, where he spent several years living and meditating with the Mystic and teacher Osho.
He is a trained and experienced facilitator in the areas of Laughter and Crying Therapy Processes, Meditation and Human Potential. Now Marc has adapted Osho’s Mystic Rose for the 21st century creating the Trinity Process, a nine day introduction to Meditative Therapy.