Challenges come and go

By Isabelle Vogt


Challenges come and go

Some take seconds, hours, weeks, years or even longer

Some are just a present or not, they can be given

Some are written by oneself

Some are changing through time, or occurring again and again

Some are tiny, some are life changing

Some are easy to handle

Some are difficult

…at least in my life and I assume I am not alone.


A good challenge was one thought which came to me when DIMA asked me if I would like to contribute to the next newsletter (without knowing the topic at that time).

And a smile, a joy.

Writing essays has not been my greatest strength in former times, and writing something for a newsletter a new experience. But why not?

I have to admit: I perceived a slight tendency towards perfectionism, evaluation, shakiness of showing myself …

One day later Charu wrote me the topic ‘CHALLENGE’ and it felt like: ‘Woohoo: this one just came to me’.


There are issues in my life which feel sometimes more, sometimes less balanced. Like some principles which were given to me.

There are some which trigger my sense of adventure automatically for some reason. Like backpacking for weeks in India on my own. Although I have to admit that India can be really challenging.

And there are the other ones. Issues for which I feel or felt a wish for change. Or a habit which is craving for something new. An opportunity – maybe a challenge.


Do I want to go for it, where does my comfort zone end, can I and do I want to go a little bit further?

An adventure. An option.

Such as the choice to change my nutrition habits for a while and do a detox in spring.


Sometimes “just” by connecting to it, there can already be a dissolving like a a little soap bubble flying past. Also this attitude sounds way easier than it is.

Like during my detox, abandoning coffee in the morning, or withstanding the seduction of a chocolate bar.

Embracing the challenge despite of fears or other desires, being a bit playful, open, trusting whatever comes. Extremely valuable for me.

A sense of vitality.


In the end just another ‘good challenge’ moment from the time in March/April when I stayed at DIMA as volunteer. It was such a precious time.


To start cooking for 10 people or more in an unknown kitchen – coming from a single household in Cologne …

Being anxious to experience it – again and again.

Challenge accepted!