Opening to new experiences

By Gemma Heinen


Flexibility …

what came to my mind first was a big „thank you,

Brenda“ for practicing Yoga with me every day

while I stayed at DIMA – it surely improved my

physical flexibility.


But the longer I thought about the word, the more I

realized the broad meaning of this word



I came to DIMA with somehow set expectations. I

was looking forward to doing Yoga, meditating, working a

bit and to getting some time to read, sleep and to enjoy

the sun.

After a few days I understood that there

was way more waiting for me to experience and

explore. And I saw two options – either stay with

my set expectations or to be flexible and open to

new experiences, whatever they may be.


I’m glad that I choose the second option because

what I witnessed was so much better. I got to know

absolutely incredible and inspiring people, had talks

which were mind-, eye- and heart-opening and

learned so much that I can’t believe I stayed only

two weeks at this special place.


So in the end it was not so much about my physical

relaxation but more about letting my mind grow and

learning in the process and for that – dear DIMA –

am I more than thankful for.


I will surely come back to you and your wonderful

place and hope that many more people will come to

find you and the magical impact of DIMA.

So let me send you a huge THANK YOU – coming

from the bottom of my heart.

All the best and with lots of LOVE


Yours, Gemma