Of flexibility and warmth

By Paola Thieme Tripoli


I receive this last minute invitation from Dima to write about flexibility as a possibility to see where I am at with this quality in my life right now and share it with you.

I realised how much flexibility I gained on my path of yoga and meditation on the past years; flexibility in ways of seeing life  and how that reflected in my body and also how that reflected in choices I made. Through practicing I had a realisations of self love that led me to a different kind of flexibility; I realised I didn’t needed to be rigid to be flexible.

Flexibility is a quality I met through this practices but we had become friends and I wanted to find our unique expression in this world. Flexibility is a essence, a state of being that has different expressions. For me it was expressed as traveling more, meeting different cultures, people, philosophy’s and paths, dancing, writing and painting. It meant following my joy and my own guidance and being flexible to change directions constantly. It meant trusting my inner wisdom more that any spiritual posture I had learned before, trusting the good feeling would take me somewhere even better and I would become stronger in my flexibility naturally.

I feel that the learning about flexibility is getting more refined nowadays and I’m curious to know more about how the state of being flexible is created.

In a yoga pose when I try to reach my big toe, if I am warmed up it is easily done so. This tells me there’s a important cue in the warmth when it comes to making space. Bringing it to my inner world, where most of my challenges are at this moment in my life, I think of meditation as tapping in that source of inner warmth. From this place where everything is possible, my mind gets “warmed up” in a good, soothing way, and from there inspiration can come: new possibilities, forms that I had not seen before are born and life becomes easier.

With the upcoming of eARTh workshop in Dima, August 17th, an exploration of intuitive painting in nature retreat, I really had no idea that creativity would show up in this piece so effortlessly. But it’s true that when our minds become relaxed we see that all is connected already: flexibility becomes natural, spontaneous. And once you know that flexibility can come from the surrendering to the inner heat you don’t care so much about the results: the flexibility feeling is enough to make your day.

Painting from this place has been my teacher and this is what I invite you to experience in this workshop. To get in touch with this joyful creator inside. This inner fire that tells me I don’t have to choose the appearances and this is so relaxing to know. I care of my inner state of being, and stay warm inside,  letting beautiful colours and shapes reveal themselves in front of my eyes.  I expand my trust in life  to keep creating and wish you the possibility to open for this discovery of natural flexibility.