Sensitive people

By Brenda Alas Delgado


I think the title for this article is very relevant for me at this time that I’m leaving Dima after staying consistently for 4 months.


Sensitivity have been the main reason why I have such a hard time to be in communities

or to spend time with people. I believe to be a very sensitive person. What that means for me is

that I feel people’s energy and emotions to a higher than average degree. Sometimes feeling

depleted of my own energy and also polluted by less than desirable energies and at times

feeling also soaked by love and excitement. I’m learning how to deal with this issue as I now

understand that it is not that i get depleted from my own energy, rather that I do not know how to

keep my center and checked in with my own energy.


DIMA has been this place for me, where I have been confronted day in and day out with

this reality. So many beautiful souls that live here and others coming in and leaving their

emotional imprint, lifting me up with their love and good intentions, sharing many experiences of

joy and sadness.


There have been times where I have screamed out loud “please someone come and get

me out of here” feeling short of breath and a strong need to get the hell out of the house. Not

because I don’t feel love for the people at DIMA or for the place itself, but because I felt

suffocated and overwhelmed by strong energies, even good ones. And believe it or not, my

prayers have been answered, I have been picked up and taken out of the house as I wished ;)

So, what does sensitivity means to me. It is the ability to feel and to see something that

others cannot feel or see, it is the awareness of something more than what we feel and see in

our everyday life. The condition that makes something more delicate or fragile, the reaction of



Sensitivity comes as a blessing but also as a curse. In this article I will focus on the

sensitivity in people.


As a sensitive person, the blessing is in the condition of being aware and feeling others

emotions even though we have not experienced what they have experienced in order to feel

what they feel. We react stronger to numerous stimulus at the physical and emotional level,

feeling the connection of everyone and everything…. Even when we do not recognize that

connection always. We also have a great capacity to feel compassion.


The curse comes when as the sensitive person that we are, we lose our center and at

the same time we have to deal with our own emotions, feeling responsible for other people’s

feelings if we do not give them the time and/or attention they request from us, often unable

to identify the original source of undesirable emotions.

Becoming very easily reactive is another challenge of being sensitive. It is also true that we can

ignore what’s going on in our surroundings with people and situations, as a mechanism of

defence, becoming the opposite of a sensitive person.


We gain in sensitivity with an increase of awareness, with diet, detoxification at the

physical and emotional level. It is like stripping layers of ourselves.


I’ve been blessed to be able to spend time in a community like DIMA. Where I’ve been

given the gift to be and express myself, to be received as a beloved, to let my guards drop and

be seen.

Since the first day I stepped into DIMA´s home, I have not stopped growing, becoming

the woman I was always meant to be. Inspired by the beauty, the strength, the wisdom of their

founders and all women I have met here.


As the woman I am today, I see my path and my purpose clearer. A big part of this is

what I have gained at here.


For me sensitivity goes along with vulnerability… And these two qualities have been my

greatest strength…