Feeling alive

By Jamila Kresse



Imagine you’re on a roller coaster. You are on the highest point, where it stops far, far away from the ground.

In front of you it goes down. And you know exactly, that, in a few seconds, the rollercoaster goes down this way, with you on it.


I don’t know how you would feel in these seconds, but I would be scared as hell and very nervous.

But on a rollercoaster it goes down and then it goes up again and down again…

And at some point it stops and you leave it and you feel good after it.


But now it goes down. Probably you are very scared and you scream, you feel the anxiety in your whole body.

And you do all this, because you wanted it.

Why do we do such things?!

To be scared isn’t a nice feeling is it? But we trigger it, we want to feel the anxiety and the adrenalin, which goes through our body. Because it is intense. You feel so alive in these moments and you know, that you are living.


We like to live intensely, it gives us the feeling of not only living, but of being alive.


And This intensity isn’t only about rollercoasters, surfing, whitewaterrafting, parachuting.. its also about the everyday life.


When we live in the moment, when we are conscious about everything, our emotions, the smell around us, the noise around us and the people. When we feel every emotion and welcome it, we feel alive.


And for that we don’t need to be happy, because it is not always about being happy, it is about feeling alive, we have just one life, we should enjoy it, live it passionately, intensely.


And to reach this intensity we just have to be conscious. When we live a consciously, life isn’t only passing us by, it is intense and afterwards we feel as if we were really alive and that makes us happy.