Just Do It!

By Rita Sailer


I felt honored as the DIMA team asked me to contribute an article to their monthly Newsletter.

I accepted straight away without even knowing what I will have to write about.

To this, these will be my first words to will actually go public and hopefully be read by hundreds of readers. So it is also a chance for me to start something new and just jump into writing, which I have intended to begin a long while ago…


While feeling joyful that DIMA is trusting in me that I can give valuable contribution to the content of their mailing, I felt panic at the same time. As mentioned above, I have no experience in writing and the article will be sent out with my name and photo, so I feel the pressure to rather write something good.


Simultaneously, I have remembered the speech of a host at a vernissage which I have visited with an other DIMA friend.  The discourse was all about “einfach machen”, which can be translated in English with “just do it”.


And it is so right! Nothing can ever be achieved, if it does not get started somehow. It often takes only small steps to get the process going. And is it not insane, that some people think that they have to know already the exact outcome, before even starting something? Most ideas will just come while being in the process.

Also, I mean with writing a newsletter contribution there is no risk and it does not take that much of courage either. The worst thing that could really happen is that I could miss the point, but even if this would happen, the content could still be good and entertaining, right?


Encouraged by the slogan “just do it” and that my worst case scenario can not really become that bad, I started pondering for what and when I felt intensity lately:


Mallorca – Without knowing why, since last summer I felt this very intense urge to spend my summer on Mallorca and to expand my holistic living experience. I mean I have never been particularly interested in this island. It has always been there and I have rather been reluctant to go on this with tourists over crowded place. However, I followed my inner calling and kept my eyes open for what is there…


News  – I have lately developed this intense longing for new inspiration, new input and new ideas. So I have started the habit to sign up for all kind of newsletters which looked kind of interesting. After having found DIMA on facebook by coincidence, I have signed up for its newsletter, without knowing what it actually is. As I have received the newsletter on flexibility, which is also a present topic in my life, I started to read intently till I came to the volunteer section, where I felt this intense knowledge that this is exactly what I was looking for.

DIMA – In fact, everything has worked out perfectly and I am now volunteering with DIMA since beginning of August. Whilst having the chance to stay at a picturesque finca in the middle of the island, I keep experiencing intense community spirit, intense good moments and intense beautiful encounters….


Conclusion: If you are lucky to feel intensity for something, go for it and you will be able to make intense experiences.


Thank you for reading my first words