October in DIMA

By Leonie Alt


Isn’t it the most cliché moment, thinking about new beginnings by watching the sunrise?

One of the best spots is definitely DIMA’s beautiful terrace in the early morning. It was my last morning waking up in DIMA.


This month and time of the year is about transition. At the same time I find myself in a real transitional period of my life.
Of course “letting go” can make you think about major decisions in your life or it even could have a note of sadness in it. You can think of it as changing your habits and let go of something that holds you down.
But I also like to think about “letting go” as watching simple moments passing by. It can be as basic as falling asleep at night and allowing the day to escape.
In the period of transition on the other hand I think I found some sort of chaos, that is still going on.

But lets have some words about the DIMA October!
For me personally filled with romance, joyful moments and spending time in healing salty waters around this beautiful island. There were moments of family time, celebrations and farewell parties. And definitely a lot of great music and food made with love!


What can I say about the new beginning? To be honest I still have no idea about it, but lets be excited about it!


Love + Good New Beginning Vibes