Gratitude washing over me

By Kanika Frings


The 2017 season at DIMA has ended, and once again I am in utter awe of the tides that have washed through the place again this year.

Bringing teachings and insights, gifts and zen-sticks.


Cleansing itself of old and redundant residue, caressing the loved and cherished ground and making space for the new and the unknown.
I am deeply, deeply grateful for that which is now, and everything that has come before it, making this into the now that it is.


DIMA has and is undergoing changes that shake its grounds and require reorientation. As usual this change too is a delicate transition that beholds melancholy as well as exhilaration.

The bottom line though is that everything is in perfect order and with that continues DIMA`s legacy, build on a great old chunk of trust, love and determination in equal splashes and a necessary pinch of naivety.


As you all know my dear friend and partner-in-crime Charu left DIMA to pursue new adventures, and I am left with a profound appreciation, amazement and respect for what we have lived and created together and how clear and peaceful we pursue our own paths that are now continuing in different directions.
I am utterly thankful for our paths having crossed at the right place in the right time and for the invigorating combination of our two spirits that made this dream possible.

I can not imagine having manifested this project with anyone else and i will greatly miss the heart, the humour and the radiance that this inspiring woman brings to the table.
It is hard to wrap up in words all that my heart wants to say, so i will just compress it into their essence. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


And also that goes to EVERYONE that has been part of this journey. I am sure we have said it often but really, it never feels done with. We have been so held, supported, guided and carried.

And it continues.

Lately when people ask me what the plan is now, what course I am planning on taking, how I imagine the future, I always speak of WE.

I have frequently been corrected: “you mean “I” as it is only you now….?!”
No. It is not just “I”. It has never just been “US” (Charu & me) either.


It has been a community from the get go. A colourful Buddha-field. A rich and lively mix of flavours added by every single person that has passed by, touched our lives, gifted pots and pans, read our Newsletter, danced in the Buddha hall, washed the dishes, chopped the veggies, scrubbed the toilets, shared their love, appreciation, laughter, tears, critic, & scepticism.


It is almost impossible to explain how wealthy you have all made us feel, how much each individual adds, what a co-creation it has been with all your help and how enormously grateful we are.


These are the last of the tidal waves washing over me this November – Gratefulness. Again and again and again. I am touched and humbled by all the abundance, the generosity and love flowing toward DIMA.

It is simply magnificent.


Thank you!


with love and gratitude,