Gratefulness in the grand scheme of things

By Raji Atorf


Being asked about gratitude, I can clearly state, yes, I am grateful.
What a beautiful feeling and what a beautiful insight.

Who are we anyway? We came to life and got it all. Being born a human being, capable of seeing colours, loving, playing, eating, drinking, dancing, singing, laughter, speech, poems – all – a huge endless gift.

Our coexistence in nature, the flowers, trees, mountains and creeks, oceans, deserts and all the birds and animals.

And, does it always feel good? No, not at all. With the gift of life we also take on a huge challenge.
As humans we reflect, reflect a lot. When growing up we question life more and more, we have to fulfil duties, have to come up with a certain amount of work, compromises, time and energy in general.


We have to do something, we have to be someone, we have to do and be this and that. Until one day we might stop loving our life as it is.

With the knowledge of history, contemporary war zones or other perverse life styles we look at the world as a miserable, hopeless place.
Seeing and even trying to ignore all the paradox happenings on earth makes us sick.

That’s why it is important to start a search into our own core. Obviously there is no such thing as „happy-ever-after“.


So can we find peace within? Yes, we can find peace in ourselves.
Be watchful: One thought, one feeling can lead to peace, one thought, one feeling can stop the peace.
Is peace the right word? Rather I decide for the word silence, that points to what I would like to say.

In silence we can subjectively feel silence that lies around and deep within us, on the meta level of consciousness and in the inner center of our being. We can realise our vast consciousness, our being a part in an infinite play of cosmic life. Though we feel down to earth, or we feel heavy or light, fresh or exhausted, young or old, pain and relief, here is this other level, this other point of view where we as single beings are as huge as the galaxies and are able to relax into that.

And more and more we can relax as a human being too.

There is so much gratefulness that I live – yes, that I am still alive. How many times was I desperate and yearned for death? And later this relief, gratitude, that I did not die, that the sun is shining again on me.


When I was a child and teenager and even longer I had a very sunny temper, was a class clown and party joker and had countless friends. But the heavy times came again and again. So I often lived between heaven and hell. Now I rejoice each morning that I am still here in my body and soul.

Many people have shown me how to live a good life, how it is to feel and express gratitude, whether in my family, amongst my friends, at schools and universities, and especially in my sangha in the Osho Buddha-field in Cologne. I thank you all from the very button of my heart! Osho, master, companion from a distance, once said, “If you accept all moments with the deepest gratitude, nothing can ever go wrong.”
Has man invented God? I think so, but I am also grateful for that. The attempt to define what we are and where we are coming from is as old as the human mind, our feelings and our consciousness. And it is kind of necessary to survive all the threats that come across our paths everywhere. As important as fears are on the one hand – human beings shall not capitulate – human beings need encouragement, call it God, existence, destiny.

The traditional religions were born at times when no-one was able to face the facts that all the preserved myths are fiction.

Reality is that something infinitely great is going on, in which we participate. We did not do it, and it continues without us.


May all beings live life gratefully!


by Raji Susanne Atorf