The journey to DIMA

By Kanika Frings & Charu Hermsdorf


unnamed (1)We were asked several times for a little more personal background to us creating DIMA, and so here we have summarized for you, in a nut shell, what our last half a year, our fresh beginning, has been and felt like.


The most common and fervent reaction from people to us starting DIMA is  “You guys are so courageous!”.


We usually are humbled and touched by that rendering, yet more often then not glance at each other shyly with a mutual understanding that that´s not how we would describe ourselves in this particular situation. Of course we acknowledge that it must take some courage to start such a considerable project and we would not systematically reject the assumption that we both do have a decent amount of it in us, but again, it is not necessarily the attribute we´d assign to the manifestation of DIMA.


Last night we were contemplating what quality assisted us most in the last few months and why. What we came up with was Trust.
The whole journey from the day we decided to realize this project, (no, even from before we knew we were doing it.. from when we decided to move to the Island and start fresh, or when we quit our jobs…well, all the stuff leading up to where we are now…) the only thing we actively seem to have contributed to the succeeding events was to trust our intuition and the vision, and thereby turn a deaf ear to the fears and doubts whispering ´impossible´.


It´s hard to describe it really. I suppose one could compare it to a car journey.
You get in the car and you know your destination. You might have never been there and the journey might be long and unknown or arduous, but one doesn’t really think about that when you pull out the roadmap and crank up the engine, because the focus is on getting where you want to go. Vague as that destination might be. Thats how it all began really. Except we didn’t have a roadmap.


Since then its been exactly that, a journey. Standing at crossroads discussing weather to turn left or right or continue straight on. Asking for help and directions. A series of unexpected and wondrous experiences. Stretches of smooth sailings and rocky roads. Sunny and stormy weathers.
We have detoured, broken down and ran out of fuel. There were roadblocks and free passages. We have met old and new friends on the way, and had pit stops to refuel, reorientate and to take in the beauty surrounding us.
We have wished for the moon and marveled at lucky stars in the sky and the wind in our backs. Its been a magical and carried ride.


Thats why courage feels inappropriate at this point.
On any given arrival one wouldn’t usually say:

“Welcome, you have successfully arrived at your destination. Congratulations on correctly reading the sign posts and not turning around half way. That must have taken you courage.”
No, it didn’t feel like courage. Perhaps turning the ignition in the first place did, short and painlessly, almost too fleeting for us to even notice. Then it was all about staying on track.
Given, we did not turn around or give up, but in hindsight, that was above all due to a good part Trust. Perhaps with a dash of tenacity and a sprinkle of craziness.
Not that we haven’t been mightily exasperated and scared out of our wits at times, but there was a fervent, unwavering consistency in the vision of where we want to go and in the trust that we will get there. Somehow.
We both don’t quite know where that spirited faith came from, but we are accepting it gratefully and are rolling with it.


Clearly that journey is not over, far from, now we can see the beginning of our driveway.
Another fresh beginning and a whole new adventure, no doubt.


Come join us for the ride!