Wow, Mallorca… really? Really!

By Rafia Morgan


unnamed (3)Quite some years ago I used to lead a group called Fresh Beginnings. It was designed for people that wanted to have a deep look over 14 days at their early life issues in order to confront the status quo of their personality imprints and beliefs so they could drop the baggage habitually carried from all that happened way back when and then and start over, begin afresh, reinvent themselves, move out of the comfort zone and well, have a fresh beginning.


It was a great group with a good name and I think, an important piece of work to help people come out of the box of the past, take a look around at what they really wanted for their lives and move on.
And the courage of that attitude works… people do move on to fresh beginnings when they let go of old patterns, beliefs and self-images. And though it’s a bit scary to do it, its not all that difficult once you realize following your longing rather than your fear is a lot more fun and happy-making than staying locked in old out-of date patterns.


Myself I have lived for many years the lifestyle of being on the road, enjoying the many wonderful oasis’s and communities of people and places which have come together to live or attempt to live, out of the box… and then moving on to the next one and so on, living what has been a blessed nomadic sort of life. So I was quite surprised when, some months ago, a dear friend asked me if I wanted to buy some land with him and build a house (in of all places, Mallorca); and even more surprised to find myself with a very positive feeling of yes!
The thought to have a beautiful little house in the countryside to come home to after travels and leading a group sounded like more than a very good idea and it still does.


Wow, Mallorca….really? Really! It seems the plans are all marching forward through all the rules and laws and codes and those things I usually avoid. And with every visit there I recognize more and more this is a place of great beauty, with abundant friends and like-minded people. I see all the indications of life-style that I like from cool restaurants, coffee bars and designer beauty to classes, groups and alternative, edgy, progressive thinking, healthy life-style outdoorsy fun ways to spend time in great natural beauty.


So I was especially happy to hear that dear friends, Kanika and Charu were opening the DIMA center there.
Ah, the synchronicity of it all…its seems like the obvious next step for me that must have been obvious to lots of other people before me and that makes me feel very happy.


This new center, though I have only seen pictures of it so far, looks to be fantastically beautiful, really well located, esthetically designed and perhaps what I have been looking for since Byron Bay became too far away to travel to every year.
I get the feeling a community is going to spring up there and well, most of you reading this probably like to meditate and come together with other out-of-the-box types to share, laugh, dance, get massaged and do inner exploration work through groups, events and workshops.
So with the slightly smug look of one in the right place at the right time I hope to see you around, share a hug, a shine and a Fresh Beginning!