Simply Being – A different kind of Vipassana (10 day process)

Neerava Paul Berners

„We are what we think !“ said the Buddha.
The vast majority of us find it difficult or even impossible to bring our mind in a state of natural peace straight away. We simply do not know how to awaken it, and our minds are so wild and so distracted that we need skillful means or methods to evoke it.

In order to see all the surrounding appearances as that what they really are, we have to free them of our delusions and our dualistic and egoistic view. This process is called “insight meditation” or Vipassana.


In the meditation practice, we allow our feelings, thoughts and emotions to find their natural movement. If we are able to be watchful  without  grasping or judging, more and more we will let go into the experience of “simply being”.
Opening up to the space beyond the limited, accustomed view about our own self, and we become much bigger, much vaster. This will give rise to our natural fearlessness, natural intelligence, true love and compassion.

… does this sounds too spiritual ?…  fine… then just take the chance to enjoy  a 10 day break from your normal, mundane live.

The retreat will be based on practicing Vipassana, according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.


This Meditation Retreat it is about Simply Being!
We will support the Vipassana process of silent sitting with Active Osho Meditations as well as light Yoga practice, by Brenda Alas Delgado an experienced teacher, and some time of contemplative service.




portrait-Neerava-webAbout the Facilitator:

Neerava Berners
Since the late seventies meditation practice has been one of the main focus in my life. Many years I spent living in the international communes around Osho and the last 15 years studying Tibetan Buddhism intensely. It’s a blessing, that in all these years I had the opportunity to study and practice under the guidance of realized masters. For decades I have been practicing all sorts of different meditation technics but since many years my main focus is on Vipassana.

This regular meditation practice gave me some little insights, which I try to integrate in everyday life as a father of two daughters, freelance handyman, bodyworker and caring son. Learning to deal with all kinds of different obstacles coming up, realising that they are also part of the journey.  Since quite a while now I am sharing my understanding and enthusiasm about meditation with others.

As you might be ready to engage yourself in the intensive adventure of experiencing meditation in a 10 days retreat, I am ready to guide and support you on your path.

So, … lets go in, … and find out !

  • Nov 01 2019 Nov 10 2019
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  • 750€ Early Bird before 15. August (Food & Accommodation Included), Regular Price 800€ all inclusive