Balance and carrot cake

By Abhinav Alex Mamatis


The first thought that crosses my mind when I look on the title goes to carrot cake. I do always have to use a weighing device that helps me balance the exact proportions of the special ingredients I have selected to assure delight for the different senses, assistance to the bowl for an easy digestion and guarantee eventually a follow up of a pleasant gastrointestinal relief. Balance does the job! Without it no quality, no joy.


That simplistic and seemingly complicated reference to a daily ordinary act introduces me to the vast space the word balance fills, invites

me to grasp some of its values and share few questions.


Balance is for me a notion expressing the governance and management of the universe to keep order, to maintain an equilibrium between antagonistic forces and zillions of elements it consist of. The immediate outcome we call cosmos. Without balance simply chaos and anarchy would reign.


Everything in this universe relates somehow to each other, their very existence depend on balance. So does nature and ultimately mankind, they follow the same cosmic laws.

Without water, no life. Too much water, no plants. Women and man represent approximately each half the population keeping thus a balance between the genders. And when an imbalance occurs (example: two World Wars, millions of men had to die within a short time) rather quickly thereafter existence takes care to re-balance the demographics.


Mankind is living in a dualistic world and thus by nature in need for a balance. So is life a constant effort to keep a balance. While growing up, did I ever get any help in my education on how to keep or how to deal with balance within my body/mind/psychic state? I didn’t.

Osho’s vision of the “New Man”, his creation of Zorba the Buddh

a is for me one of the most profound symbols of a balanced state. That new man represents the epitome between opposites and their melting into oneness: materialism and spiritualism, the bacchanalian Cretan and the enlightened Gautama, the juicy life of Zorba enjoying and celebrating life up to its extremes and the dry life of an awakened Buddha who incarnates consciousness.


Balance stands also for an equilibrium to which many cultures refer to with similar maxims as a reminder of its importance in life. The ancient Greeks for example referred to “παν μέτρον άριστον” (pan metron ariston, i.e. moderation is best). In todays western cultural understanding moderation may not be cool. Many live in extremes and a mantra that calls for “more is better, more is beautiful”. To what extend does this new age maxim provide an assistance to one’s own path to growth?

I feel that every issue in life has its tipping point. Once that reached, one may easily get kicked out of balance and things may become less wholesome if not harmful and ugly. Too much is simply too much, of course in relation to each individual’s present state.


Great Masters are “hammering” their mantra that experiencing a balanced state is innate, simple, one has not to cultivate anything and there is nothing to be achieved. Some time ago I became aware that only very few gems of basics are of value in my life and that these were in balance. That state of awareness oozed tranquillity, peace, silence, charisma, harmony and happiness. Later I experienced that an abrupt ending of a very beautiful and heartfelt relationship brought deep sadness. Nevertheless, I was not kicked out of that balanced space.

Experiences come and go. However, can’t moderation not equally pave a way to balance the opposites and consequently allow access to the path that can raise one’s consciousness from an ordinary level to a higher state of awareness, embrace happiness and ultimately universal love?

“… when two things balance – outer and inner, activity and passivity – suddenly you transcend them both. … When they both balance… Suddenly you are a third force – the onlooker, the witness”. The Book of Nothing: Hsin Hsin Ming, Chapter 2, THE WAY IS PERFEKT, Osho


I am every day in deep gratitudeto existence for each moment that I can sense the effects of balance, and then watch.


Anyhow, I often say to myself, whenever in doubt ask for help, or….. think of carrot cake!