Balance by Kanika

By Kanika Frings


Oh boy. I am not sure i am in anyway qualified to offer insight on this subject.


The reason it drew me in the first place is because i feel it is an admirable and advantageous quality to have and i would love to learn a thing or two about balance from those that have mastered such a degree of equilibrium.


As for me i am more of an all or nothing type of person, which i can not say is recommendable.
I work 16-hour-days with total engagement or couch-potato through my day in PJ´s and Albert Einstein hair.
I diet strict and conscientiously or everything goes. I am open or closed, intimate or distant.


My boyfriend often says that I am the most balanced person he knows, but come to think of it, that must be because i can do or live it all, but unfortunately, mostly not at the same time.
And that is okay, for now. But the time is coming closer where i feel a yearning to live a little more even-keeled. Where – true, it might not be so thrilling, or so relaxing, but – it would be…balanced.


I believe balance is an inherent part of nature that somehow we have lost connection to in our fear-based, consumerist, image oriented, ambitious and technologically speedy time.


I am certain we would do good to gradually step down a gear again and cruise-control on in a more longterm, sustainable fashion, without needing to floor the breaks altogether.
It can´t be that collective burnouts are the means by which life attempts to restore the missing balance of our time.


But how to do that? Where to find and how to keep the golden mean?


I don’t have an answer to that. I am not sure if it has to do with discipline or intuition, age or individual standards.
All i know is that it feels good when the pendulum doesn’t oscillate too crazily from one extreme to the other, that something about “centred-ness” relaxes the nervous system and nourishes oneself in a far deeper and more sustainable way.


Wishing you all a beautifully balanced year,

with Love,