Sowing Seeds

By Charu Hermsdorf


For most of us patience is challenging and there are multiple opportunities for training in every humans daily life. I observe lack of patience in myself and others mainly while driving, queuing up or when suffering from a slow WIFI connection. Those moments when you are so very much in the now, going somewhere, doing something more or less important and these delays forced upon you seem so utterly unnecessary and just piss you off. An excellent chance for training patience. Only one deep breath away lies the relief, a chance to live that same moment with a different sensation. You might notice something curious, interesting, beautiful or funny in your surrounding that you had otherwise paid no attention to. And those couple of seconds that were torturing you can transform into a moment in the now that you might even enjoy…. I am constantly practicing and will try again tomorrow.


Patience has been and still is one of my life´s biggest challenges and definitely not an attribute I would name if I was asked to describe myself. Growing up I disregarded it as not useful, slow and unnatural. I saw nothing but a waste of time in waiting. I had no way of containing my energy, I preferred to dash through life learning, hurting, fixing and healing hard and fast.
With time and contemplation, I was humbled, deeply touched and inspired by the patience I began to appreciate all around. I recognize it in people´s dedication and compassion, in nature´s creation and acceptance. I admire and respect it in the old and the wise and look forward to speaking to my children about it´s rewards.
When moving from a bustling city life to a beautiful island in the mediterranean, patience can come in handy. When embarking on a journey without a map but rather a heart filled with joy and curiosity, patience is required. And when everything is still, nothing seems to be moving and you are apparently patiently letting life flow, it might not be long before you discover that in order to be gracefully patient a deep trust needs to be sitting at the very core of yourself.


Trusting that the unresolved is part of this here now. Rather than seeking the answers, embracing the unknown and loving and accepting the Now unconditionally until maybe, one day, the answer will appear, the unresolved will be resolved and you might not even notice.


With DIMA I have truly fallen in love with the unresolved, the question itself.


It has been almost a year since we were inspired by an idea. Since then, we have been challenged, we have been afraid, we have worried, we have trusted and we have been patient. This time patience has not arisen from an impatience but rather from the sensation that this is an organic process moving at it´s own natural pace. There have been times for preparing the ground, digging in the dirt, testing the soils ability to nourish the seeds. There has been a long time of dreaming, contemplation, planning, organizing, designing, typing and preparing. It has been a time of patience, a time of trust.


We feel the ground is ready for the seeds and are ready to sow. We are happy and excited to begin this time of creation, of constructing, painting, cleaning, digging, meditating, celebrating and watching this project come to life.


With a wave of excitement rushing towards us, we look forward to greeting the fresh energies and ideas that will fill DIMA with life while patiently observing and deeply trusting.