DIMA in autumn and winter 2018

By Team DIMA


First and foremost we would like to wish you an amazing, fulfilling, abundant and joyful 2019!

May it bring all that your heart longs for….




As you might have noticed it has been quiet around DIMA since November. We have not sent you any Newsletters and our posts are infrequent.

Yes, you guessed it, we have begun our winterbreak and are recharging.


It was such a lavish and versatile year. Rich with new experiences, full of unexpected, breathtaking, challenging, touching, ordinary and extraordinary moments.

In gratitude and wonder we have brought the season to a banging end with the 3 year anniversary Festival and after getting DIMA´s home ready for the winter, we are now delighted to retreat and integrate.


So many firsts to process, so many learnings to digest, so much growth to integrate. So much more life to make space for in our little, human systems.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for making this year so spirited, again!

Thank you deeply for your support, your contribution, your interest, your feedback and your never ending encouragements.


We love to learn and grow, we love to serve and provide. And we also love to feel appreciated, which we do. Thanks to you!! Hallelujah…:)


Our winter break will be until April 2019. We will publish our new Program for the New Year in February 2019 and are very excited about it already.

You will not be receiving Newsletters from us during the Winterbreak, but we take you with us in our hearts and are looking for and finding lots of inspiration to bring back to you in the New Year.


We hope you are all having a beautiful holiday time, feeling close to loved ones, turning in for contemplation or wildly rolling around in snow or getting giddy on Glühwein.

What ever supports you to feel home and recharge.


May it be available to you and may you make full use of this delicate and particular time of the year, when the outside temperatures force us to wrap up.

When like the bare branches on the trees, we collect our energy on the inside, accumulating new strength for the time spring comes and dares us to break open again, showing up for another season of blooming.


Until then, enjoy the peace and quiet of winter. Ravel in the beauty of the season of hibernation.

Be wild, be still, be open or closed, be festive or boring, be social or retreat, but in-between and above all, don’t forget to take time to RECHARGE!


With love,

Kanika & your team DIMA