“Speak up” Public speaking – authentically and with ease

Hafiz R. Schatz

If in private or professional situations, public speaking is for many of us not an easy thing to do. It is one of the most widespread fears in human beings, and this is unfortunate, because it limits us in influencing and contributing to the world and expressing our truth.

Yet especially in today’s environment it is even more important that the sensitive and intelligent people make their voices heard and share their points of view authentically and convincingly.


This workshop introduces a radically different and astonishingly effective way of doing public speaking. “Stop performing – start connecting” is the key idea of this concept, which puts the relationship we create with the audience at the center.


“The audience has hired you to take control. They want to enter your reality. If you are

tense, they are tense. If you are at ease they are at ease. If they trust you they will put

themselves in your hands”

Livingston Taylor – Stage Performance


The audience will mirror you. In order to put your audience at ease, you need to be at ease with yourself. And this isn’t about pretending to be OK with yourself. This is about really being OK with yourself. The good news is that

you don’t need to get rid of your nerves in order for your audience to feel comfortable. You just need to be OK with your nerves.


In this workshop you will, in a very gentle and supportive process, become aware of your fears and inhibitions, and then learn to be OK with them. As a result beginners as well as advanced speakers will benefit.

You will gain confidence, develop presence and charisma, and acquire the ability to

speak authentically, creatively and with conviction.


If desired the process can be strengthened through additional individual sessions.



Hafiz R. Schatz

Since 20 years Business-Coach and Management-Trainer in international enterprises with focus on communication and leadership.

Trained in Rebalancing, Neo-Reichian bodywork &Trauma-Therapy.


  • May 18 2019 May 19 2019
  • max. 10
  • hafiz@rainer-schatz.de
  • 260€ (incl accommodation for 1 night and meals for 2 days), Early Bird 240€ (before 15.March 2019) / 210€ (excl. accommodation, including meals for 2 days)