Ito Thermie & Natsukashi Advanced Training

Champaka Yoshi, Lourdes Alcalá Aranda

Welcome to Ito Thermie and Natsukashi


Ito Thermie is a natural, Japanese healing method, supporting body, mind and spirit. Nowadays when we fall sick, many of us choose to see a doctor or go to the hospital, hoping the problem will be fixed. As if sickness just falls on us and has little to do with how we live. People who use Ito Thermie start taking more responsibility for their health and participate actively in their own healing process.


Natsukashi created by Kohrogi-Sensei, is a way to remember our Buddha nature, our original self, It helps us to experience directly the state of a Buddha, our real self, before all the conditioning entered. Natsukashi /Ito Thermie are revolutionary tools to go beyond mind and to melt into the unknown.


One of the reasons why Ito Thermie is a unique healing method is because you can learn to give treatments to others and you can treat your own body as well. Treating yourself often, for only a short time, practitioners strengthen their immune system and stay healthy. Ito Thermie is a healing and also a preventative method to keep body and mind healthy.


In the process of healing with Ito Thermie many things happen on the way like learning to be more loving to our body and taking better care of ourselves, appreciating what we have. You will start noticing small messages from the body and you will become more sensitive and responsive.


Also on the Ito Thermie journey you will learn more and more how we create sickness and how we can change our way of living to become healthy. You will become a master of your own body and mind and more and more you will become aware of your essence, your Natsukashi self.


Ito Thermie is a beautiful preparation for meditation. It helps to calm the mind and
deeply relaxes the body.


Ito Thermie in Europe is regulated by the Ito Thermie Shinyukai organization in Japan.


Champaka Yoshie was raised in Japan in a Zen Buddhist family. He has been a certified Ito Thermie Instructor and Healer for 25 years. Champaka has been spreading Ito Thermie in Europe, having taught it in many different countries. He teaches Ito-Thermie Therapy and Meditation in Europe and Japan and gives healing sessions. Beside his own workshops he works together with Kohrogi Sensei as translator and co-leader.
Champaka introduced Ito Thermie Therapy to the Osho Meditation Resort in Poona where he was trained in an enriching variety of bodywork therapies. This gave him a wide-ranging knowledge of different aspects of the human body-mind system. For many years he gave healing sessions in the Osho Commune in Poona and in Meditation-Centers in Europe and Japan.
He is an extraordinary healer and teacher as he always focuses on revealing the natural self-healing ability of every human.



Lourdes Alcalá Aranda 

Lourdes Alcalá Aranda: Nurse specialist in mental health,mindfulness instructor, psychodramatist, and therapist in natural therapies,director of mindlou center. Federated in Japanese Organization of Itothermie and organizer of workshops Ito thermie in Spain since 2014.

and in spanish:


Enfermera especialista en salud mental,Instructora mindfulness, psicodramatista, Terapeuta de terapias naturales , directora del Centro Mindlou. Federada en la Organización Japonesa de Ito thermie y organizadora de los Workshops Ito thermie en España desde 2014.