Slowing Down Retreat

Kranti Seán Herron, Kanika Frings

In a very speedy word, this Retreat is an opportunity for you to take some time, out of your hectic schedule, to slow down in a supportive and held environment.


During these 3 days you are invited to stay offline and through a combination of awareness practices, active meditations, breath work, inquiries, nature and a lot of silence you will be able to reboot and reconnect with the present moment, and thus yourself, in a gentle and profound way.


This retreat is a nourishing gift to yourself if you feel that the speed and intensity of every day life tends to hinder you from really being present to your life, to what is happening now, to yourself and others, keeping you occupied and busy, yet never really landing.


In just three days that can change. You can slow down your mind, respect the pace of your body and appreciate the present moment without the need to change anything about it.


Start is 10:00 on Friday the 6th September and End is ca 17:00 on Sunday the 8th September.


We are looking forward to slow down together.




The Facilitators

Kranti & Kanika live in and run DIMA Mallorca, a centre for conscious living since 2015. They know what it´s like to be overwhelmed and overrun with daily activities and responsibility and they have also learned how absolutely vital, deeply nourishing and utterly worthwhile it is to take time out of the busy schedule and come back to the now.


Both have been committed seekers since a couple of decades and love learning through experience.

Kranti Seán Herron is a certified Transformational Breath Coach and Meditation facilitator.

Kanika Frings is a Holistic Counsellor and works with people with an array of modalities and systems, such as Somatic Experience, Enneagram & Essence work, Constellation work and various meditation and inquiry practices.


Kanika and Kranti have built their work and private lives around inner growth, starting with themselves and loving to share their experience and knowledge with others.