Relax and Renew – an urban approach to yoga and meditation

Ilaria Bedogni & Tyler Micocci

This is a retreat of Jiwamukti and Kundalini Yoga. Designed for people living in the city who need to relax and recharge with ease without excessive effort using tool that give immediate result.


Duration: 3 night 4 days

Styles: Jiwamukti e Kundalini Yoga

Food: Vegeterian

Skill Level : Beginner-Intermediate



·      Step away from all those distractions you are assaulted with every day

·      Be more relaxed and refreshed than you’ve ever been

·      A place where you will restore clarity of mind and heart

·      Escape the high-stress, fast-paced hustle and bustle of modern life

·      Get healthy again in body and mind

·      Connect with nature and yourself by disconnecting from the daily grind

·      A model for living a healthy lifestyle with food, exercise, and a calm mind


We believe in simplicity, in wholesome living, in balance. We are a yoga teacher that have ben teaching for decades including in our practice many Holistic tools such as meditation, somatic experiencing, bioenergetics and many other approaches.

We have chose Dima Mallorca because we want to encourage people to have a community experience based on sharing physical and emotional spaces. We know that this kind of experience is often lacking in cities and in our daily lives. We see in this special place a real opportunity  of growth for all our students.

The  Jiwamukti Yoga
Jivamukti is a physical, ethical, and spiritual practice, combining a vigorous hatha yoga, vinyasa-based physical style with adherence to five central tenets: shastra (scripture), bhakti (devotion), ahimsā (nonviolence, non-harming), nāda (music), and dhyana (meditation).


The Kundalini Yoga
In Kundalini Yoga we harness the mental, physical, and nervous energies of the body and put them under the domain of the will, which is the instrument of the soul. This technology precisely and consciously combines breath, mudra, eye-focus, mantra, body locks, and postures to balance the glandular system, strengthen the nervous system, expand lung capacity, and purifiy the blood. It brings balance to the body, mind, and soul.


What’s Included in This Package

·      2 group yoga classes  a day

·      2 meditation group classes a day

·      Delicious healthy, nourishing breakfast, lovingly prepared by Dima Mallorca staff & served in our open living space

·      your full board accommodation for three nights in double or triple rooms


What’s not included

·      60 minute massage, or individual sessions with Ilaria or Tyler

·      Airport pickup and dropoff.. (We can organize it for you on request)

·      Your  travel expenses  to reach the venue




Ilaria Bedogni
Is a dynamic person, globetrotter and dreamer. For her yoga is union, breath, life.
After almost twenty years of personal practice, in 2010 she decided to devote herself entirely to teaching Yoga. Starting from the connection between body and mind that changed her life when she started practicing. What she really want is to help people to find a personal balance with their own energies. Her yoga is the result of research, introspection, connection, through a physical practice and great commitment.
I her journey she discovered that through the breath, yoga helps to dissolve, identify and overcome our fears, insecurities and to rediscover the contact with our body. Ilarias  practice t combines the spirituality of the East with the analytical precision of the West.
Ilaria teaches Hatha/Prana Flow/Jiwamukti and restorative Yoga


Tyler Micocci
is a Milan based teacher with over 27 years of experience and personal research in the path of emotional well-being.
Tyler is a teacher of Kundalini Yoga, IKYTA certificate who and started practicing at 17 years of age and never stopped.
Tyler also has experience from Iyengar and Power yoga, bioenergetics techniques, Gestalt techniques and the basic principles of Somatic Experiencing, making his holistic approach practicable for everyone and easily usable in everyday life.



Program: The schedule is constructed so that most of the activities are done in the mornings, and late afternoon. Leaving you with the afternoons at your leisure, whether that is to chill out by the pool, take time for your self to enjoy the beautiful landscape or to go to the beach, see other parts of the island, or simply sleep!


  • Jul 11 2019 Jul 14 2019
  • 12
  • 450€ early bird before 11 of may/ 520€ after (excluding food & accommodation, for bookings of food & accommodation contact