The depth of Light

By Kanika Frings


A word and quality i have loved for a long time now. It is also a daunting phenomena of course, as, how could it be different, you don’t know what you will find if you venture inwards, toward it.

It is a place that does not just imply it´s vertical extent but also it´s wide, horizontal space that seems to be a natural, consequence of daring to wander into ones inner world.


Intimidating at times for sure, but also vast and peaceful, mysterious and rich.

I love the profound and substantial quality that comes with diving deeper within. I can see how it can become a somewhat addictive experience to move toward unknown territories and find things that are unexpected and precious.

Lately i have been observing that i couldn’t quite feel, or even believe, that this sense of depth is attainable in the lighter spectrum of life, say in joy or in playfulness. As if depth can only be found in darker, less bright places. Like the true beauty of a Lotus flower only being able to arise from the mud.


I am still not totally sure if this is just a limiting belief, but what i can attest to is that the extremely lighter or “higher” ranges (in contrast to the “lower” and therefor “deeper”?!? places), are equally or even more challenging for me to deeply go into then the less illuminated ones.

And again i am not sure if this is a common thing, or if i am part of a minority of people that can relate to this.

I have become aware of the fact that extremely exuberant, ecstatic, euphoric states are hard for my system to maintain long enough for me to explore the potential depth in them. I can perceive this around me as well. We seem to have a tendency to moderate and suppress strong emotions irrespective of weather or not they are in the higher or lower range of extreme.

Which theoretically could mean that there is a depth in high to the same extent that there is a depth in low, making it an interesting investigation as to why we associate depth with the “low” side of the spectrum (or is that also subjective?).

Looking at the antonyms to depth you have on one hand shallowness, superficiality or triviality, and on the other hand hight, peak, climax. I find this fascinating.


Is it a cultural phenomena that the opposite of depth can be be interpreted both so positively and so negatively?

I can also see where in myself i have come to believe that flatness or superficiality is on the other end of depth, but am starting to question that viewpoint and am inquiring into the depth that lies in rapture and what quality that particular depth has. Is it different at all? Or simply realised via another channel?


A worthwhile exploration i think, as there would be such a boundless range to be gained if depth could be experienced in the hight and the lows, the pain and the happiness, the profound and the casual.

The ordinary and the extra-ordinary, the known and the un-know.


How refreshing it would be to find that quality of profundity in delight.

What an exponentially beautiful, multidimensional and spacious place depth would then become.


Let´s explore…

I would love to hear about your findings…


with love,