Writing from the source, letters to your soul

Romi Grossberg


Early Bird Price until 10th of May!


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Unite breath with writing therapy, visualisations & discussions whilst learning practical and grounding tools & techniques for your daily life.


– Delve deeply into yourself: your core, your soul.

– Understand whether you operate from your head, heart or gut and why that matters.

– Develop useful self enquiry and self awareness techniques.

– Get practical tools to break through procrastination and perfectionism.

– Learn to let go of old stories. To make decisions that are aligned with who you truly are and come back to trusting yourself.

– Be safely guided through a set of take-home tools to carry you forward in life.


This 3 workshop promises to be a fun and creative experience.


“Romi has such rich and extensive experience and her informal and charismatic way of sharing her stories had the whole class engaged and inspired.” Ranya, Vienna.


“I felt more in touch with myself. More in love with myself.” Bob, UK.


“Romi’s Workshop is a dynamic session which really brings you into the present and into your most honest expression.” Haylee, Australia.




Romi is an author, qualified counsellor, writing therapist and public speaker. She currently works at The Sanctuary Thailand as a Holistic Counsellor, Writing Mentor and the Detox Support person. Romi has been facilitating workshops for both adults and teenagers at The Sanctuary Koh Phangan, Vikasa Koh Samui, Byron Bay and Melbourne Australia for over a decade and will be visiting Mallorca for the first time.