Family Contellation – 1 Day Workshop

Rupa Cristoforetti

Family constellation seeks to identify conflicts and blockages that create an obstacle in the flow of life, in the family, work, and social systems. From that starting point and in each possible way that this system permits, we can recover the lost order, creating a space for a new flow.


” Everything that you retain from the past makes you ill, happiness is on the way…!

“Bert Hellinger”

Las constelaciones familiares buscan identificar los conflictos y los nudos del sistema familiar, laboral  o social que obstaculizan el flujo de la vida.

Partiendo desde ahi y en la medida q el sistema lo permita, de recupera el orden perdido, dando espacio a un nuevo fluir.


” Todo lo que te retiene del pasado, te enferma, la felicidad esta en el camino” Bert Hellinger


The workshop will start at 10:00 and ends at 20:00, there will be lunch provided.

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