Surrendering to the heart

By Toby Pritchard



We all know what it means. We love it when everything in our life appears to flow together, in a stream of interconnected events. Our desires are made manifest, often in magical ways and are accompanied by fresh insights, unexpected joys and broadened horizons.

But what about when life doesn’t go our way?

This is the part most of us bitch about. This is when the process of surrendering to the present moment suddenly becomes unpalatable to the mind, a burden we must endure. We know the web of life is made of contrast, we know it’s impermanent, yet the habit of wanting to press save on the good times and avoid the pain is a deeply engrained habit in the human psyche. But that’s a natural response right? Yeah sure, on the level of basic survival and common sense but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m referring to the psychological force in us that continuously strives to control the outside world to suit its own preferences and projections.

The ego.

Trouble is, there are billions of other egos trying to do the same thing, all with a unique world view. Hence the fleeting joy and perpetual struggle, because the ego lives inside the idea of a self, that is separate from the whole. Therefore, it is driven by fear, the endless pursuit of pleasure and more control. But it’s never enough is it?

Which leads us into the land of personal development, healing and awakening.

I am Spirit, I am Love, I am one with Life.

Something deep inside us has known this all along, just waiting to be recognised. But our stubborn minds had to be fatigued, our hearts had to be broken. Or not. Maybe it just dawned on us one day, like a ray of sunshine through parted clouds.

Either way, life is never the same again. You know what I mean. We become devoted to shedding old beliefs, being in the now and merging with the Heart at any cost. This is where the process of surrender comes in; the alchemical cycle of dying to our old, imagined self and resurrecting into the depths of our Higher Self. Not a path for the faint hearted.

Surrender is not a weakness, it is a strength.

I have to be reminded of this all the time. I’ve been travelling for fourteen years on a shoe string. I’d visit my family home once a year for a pit stop, to rest and maybe earn some money. But I couldn’t stay. Something urged me on; to explore the world, go climbing and understand humanity. It took eight turbulent years and a meltdown in the south of India, to glimpse what I had been searching for all that time; the divinity inside myself.


Like you, I’m committed to awakening fully. I still follow my instinct to travel, only this time I’ve embraced the fact that I’m continuously trust falling into the arms I can’t see. It’s been a vivid, tragic and rewarding six years because every day is a mystery. This is our spiritual life. I know it’s hard not to cling. To let things be what they are, as they dance in and out of our lives. But this is the way to wholeness. But as we spiritually mature through the seasons of our lives, we begin to appreciate every part of our experience, because the natural flow of life’s polarities help us to deepen our integration with both our humanness and Infinite Being. As a nomad who carried the burden of feeling like they didn’t belong, couldn’t function properly and loathed himself for far too long, this would be my one piece of advice from one friend to another: Accept yourself in every moment.


Whether you’re deeply in love or you’re grieving a loss, your bank account is empty or it’s raining money; it’s all part of the flow and the God in you knows how to handle it. But in the end, it doesn’t matter that much because you have your Self, your own Heart. This way, we recognise everything as sacred and our life becomes a miraculous art form of the free.


by Toby Pritchard