Man-In `Deepening´- Residential Retreat

Kranti Seán Herron, Shivakami Steve Corbett

Welcome men!


• We believe the world needs us men to rediscover our true nature. And we owe it to the world to do just that. It is important to understand that even the most extreme feminists are not against masculinity, the qualities that everyone judges, etc are not those of natural masculinity,  they are against the distorted masculinity that is being played out on the global stage.


• We believe we need to acknowledge our part in the mistreatment and abuse of the feminine, and we can apologise for this, while being wary to not go into self blame and castration. We can apologise from a place of greatness, a place of power and it be even more meaningful. The default position of apologising is usually one of being small and ashamed, and we can change this dynamic right here and right now.


• We believe We need to be prepared to look at the scripts that have been passed down from generation to generation. We are told that feminine is the opposite of masculine, therefore we have to reject embodying any of these qualities, or face rejection ourselves . This is the script we’ve been given, boys are strong, and girls are weak. This is what is being subconsciously communicated to hundreds of millions boys and girls around the world. We teach boys it’s not okay to be hurt, it’s not okay to be vulnerable, but it is okay to cover that up with anger or silence.


• We believe it is in our nature, as men, to be grounded in our masculinity. We are not born to spend our lives castrated. It’s exhausting trying to be man enough for everyone all the time. Pretending we are strong when we felt weak, confident when we felt insecure, and tough when really we were hurting. Men do not need to suffer in secret.


• We believe if we as men reject our true masculinity, then it will only distort and play out in distorted ways – it is too powerful to repress, we are not that strong – by embracing it and giving it space, the power can be harnessed in a multitude of positive ways


• We believe we can be compassionate with ourselves as a tool to get out of this position of shame. We just didn´t learn how to be any different…its not our fault that we took on what was passed down from generation to generation – and now we are fortunate enough to have the awareness and consciousness to look at the ‘clothes’ we have put on from previous generations, and this gives us the power to remove them, or alter them or burn them…….they are not us, they are just clothes, garments to be put on and taken off by us when we see fit.


• We believe men’s work should be about learning to love being a man. To re-learn how to access and enjoy our natural masculinity. And that it is the responsibility of each individual man, to keep reinitiating and birthing ourselves into our own masculinity.


• We believe all we need is another man holding us accountable (showing up) and creating a safe space to feel, and the transformation can be instant. That our display of vulnerability can sometimes give other men the permission they need to do the same.


• We believe this men’s workshop will help men embrace and live out masculinity in a full way and this is what we want to encourage. Men repress the side of aggression, anger and hatred as this is what they reject in trying to be new men, to not be like those men that they see in the world that are doing it all wrong. There is no need to commit to being perfect but rather commit to wanting to learn, own that we make mistakes, and be curious to explore. We need to go into it in order to experience it in a healthy way – rejecting it will just make it grow, experiencing it will transform it.


• We believe a healthy man is one who is always striving to live their edge, that point just outside the comfort zone. This is what helps them grow and makes them feel alive.


• We believe you are not doing this just for the women – you are doing this for yourself and you are worth it!


Join us on this empowering journey..





Shivakami Steve Corbett

Steve (Shiva) Corbett BSc (Hons) Psychology MBPsS

For the last 10 years, exploring and embodying a healthy and grounded masculinity has been my purpose, both in my own personal development and personal/work life. Sharing this journey with other men fulfils me, and I am always filled with gratitude when I see how when men get together with this intention, the effects ripple out and impact on everyone, and every area of their life. Women benefit, children benefit, as does the world at large, and this is our gift to the world.



Kranti Seán Herron

Kranti Seán has immersed himself in self-development work for nearly 20 years.


He lives at DIMA, a Centre for Conscious Living where he leads Transformational Breath workshops, meditations and weekend retreats throughout the year.


He is passionate about working with men supporting them to discover their true masculinity, to express themselves authentically and to not be afraid of vulnerability.

He loves working with people, especially men, because he is always inspired by the bond of brotherhood that is created when men make a commitment to go “deep” together. The loyalty, trust and depth that cracks open the hearts of all the men involved, including his own, is deeply rewarding.

Kranti believes when a man´s heart is open, true change is possible.



  • Oct 22 2020 Oct 25 2020
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  • 475€ early Bird until 1st September/ 550€ Full Price (including food & accommodation)