An Opportunity for Change

By Kanika Frings


It is an intense time we are in, no doubt, and to say it is an opportunity, might come across naive and ignorant and from a privileged perspective.

All are true, in some way.


I have no idea what is really going on, not for a lack of trying to understand, but for a lack of knowing what to listen to, which information to trust, who and what is at the core of it all and why.

And honestly, i am not all too concerned with it, that is where my naivety and ignorance may lie.

It simply feels like a waste of time trying to make sense of and figuring out something that might make no sense and is not possible to figure out or strategise over.

I prefer acceptance to the sliding slope of helplessness. I am looking at what i do know, at what i can change, and what is here, now, for me to work with. I am trying to be in all of this.


I am certainly in a privileged position. I am young and healthy, I have a roof over my head, I have food in the fridge, I even have nature around me and i am not alone.

So one could say, it is easy for me to say it in an opportunity, and you are right. And yet, that is how i perceive the situation.

There are plenty of people out there that see this situation as a disaster, there have got to be a fair share that see it as an opportunity. For the sake of balance.


It is not about being in denial or looking the other way, but about acknowledging what is here and facing what that means. Starting with ourselves.

Sure we can zoom out into the bigger picture and plan for future scenarios, form and sign petitions or become an overnight online-something.

I am not opposed to this nor will I judge any of those impulses, but they are not mine.

It feels to me like trying to enforce or remodel a collapsing house.


My impulse is to consider the structure all together and examine the building, foundation upward, to see what is there as a solid base for me to build on.

And that foundation, in my eyes, happens to be me.

Then come my direct environment, the people close to me, my loved ones, my neighbours, then the village, the island, the country, the continent, the world, the universe, the existence. And there the circle closes again.


I am not trying to advocate a stance of egocentricity, “every man for themselves”, all I am saying is that I believe in cleaning up your own house before assuming to bring order to the world.

I believe in “feeding the right wolf”, which as Eckhart Tolle describes it is feeding spirit rather then ego.

THAT resonates with me.

If i go down the route of my mind, I become fearful and see doomsday scenarios everywhere, all of which i can do absolutely nothing about.

When I turn toward spirit, or the Self, or this very moment, what ever you may call it, everything in me relaxes and trust begins to arise.


We have nothing but this moment. That is the truth. Not to say that we can’t be practical, take responsibility and prepare as much as we can, but keeping our attention on this here moment prevents us from being uprooted and washed away in a stream of anxiety and resistance.


Of course this is easier said then done, but herein lies our OPPORTUNITY.

NOW is the time to do it. Now we get to try. Now we get to have a choice to not indulge in our habitual coping strategies of mind-activity and frantic reaction. Now, we get to stop and, if we are willing, slow down enough to move consciously through this time of tribulation and change.


Perhaps, this time we don’t numb out, fight, resist, deny, complain, victimise, suppress, run, resent or pretend.

Perhaps we just stay still.

Staying still, again, does not mean we don’t act or respond. Staying still means to not refuse that which is, not to resist reality, but to face and accept it.

From that place, we might move more organically, from moment to moment. With more intuition and trust and less ideas and panic.

Again, in Eckhart Tolles words: “Non-resistance is the greatest power we have.


I am no sage, so I, like most humans, struggle with living this truth, but i have experienced its validity and my heart and soul know it is the only way to move through the unknown.

Currently we are cornered into facing this reality as a humanity, that is our opportunity. Only few face this, or themselves, willingly, as both are a deeply uncomfortable prospect for the mind.


The alternative would be in fighting it. Though truthfully speaking, that has not worked for us in the past and it will not work for us in the future.

So lets not fight it in the present, but rather set a tone right now, for a future that has a grounded base of conscious individuals at its core.

Then, perhaps, we might be able to build a stable house, that is not raised on fear and desire, but on more substantial ground.


May we turn to presence, the only true reality there is.




Now, what does that mean for DIMA? The honest and only answer is: we don´t know.

We don’t know how long this lockdown will be in place and when we will be able to gather in groups again. Obviously we hope that it is not too long from now and that we will be able to hold down the fort meanwhile, so we can be here with open doors and arms when the storm has passed, to celebrate life and connection.


We feel optimistic about hibernating in a fashion that will keep DIMA alive, whilst sowing seeds for the future. Both literally and figuratively.


We have had quite a few very sweet and generous offers to borrow money to stay afloat, we truly hope it will not have to come to that, but feel very touched for the gesture and support and are not too proud to accept if necessary. Thank you deeply for your consideration and kindness.


May we all unite and support each other on this rocky road. Please do reach out if there is anything we can do.

And lets send our prayers to all those beings that don´t have the fortune to regard this time as an opportunity. Our thoughts and hearts are with you.


with Love and Blessings,

Kanika & your teal DIMA


PS: Inshallah, DIMA is aiming at opening its doors again on the 15th of May, starting with a weekend to come together and set an intention for the reset of our times.

We do not want to go back to “business as usual“, but hope to set a tone for a more aligned and integer future, both individually and collectively.

So, if you can, join us for these days of setting intentions, sharing ourselves and coming together to lay a solid and loving foundation for the future.


Stay safe and healthy. Xxxxx