The Enneagram in Times of Adversity

Kanika Frings

Under stress and pressure our ego structure and its defence mechanisms surfaces very quickly.

It is commonly assumed that crisis perpetuates the disintegration of our personality, but this is not entirely true.

In the work with the Enneagram we have found that under challenging circumstances the potential of moving towards the lower expression of our ego fixations is just as likely as moving towards our higher expression. This means that under strain we have the potential to integrate as much as we have the potential to disintegrate. Our shadow as well as our light may rise.
But, we must become aware and catch our automatisms in order to develop this potential beneficially.

To support you with that is my intention for this workshop.


I will talk about what these polarities look like for each of the 9 Ennea-types, about what their red flags are when their defence mechanisms are latching on and pulling us into our unconscious survival modes, and how we can best resource ourselves, looking at supportive ways for each fixation to move back into their center and re-access their healthy spectrum.

There will also be space to bring questions you have around your or others coping strategies and share your personal experiences.


This workshop is for people who know their Ennea-type and already have a basic understanding of the system.


I will not be explaining the foundations of the Enneagram but want to focus on helping you to understand and empower yourselves in the face of adversity, in recognising your fixation as a compass.


Hope to see you there.
With love,


The zoom link will be sent to those registering before hand via or via the Facebook event link: