Path of Woman Immersion

Women from the Path of Women

During these 3 days of being together as woman we will step into an experimental field, utilising our collective wisdom pool to build trust in the feminine and raise our consciousness toward empowering ourselves and each other.


Our Vision is:

To globally strengthen, celebrate and spread feminine leadership and to deepen a “women support women” movement.


Our Intention is:

●      To support, inspire and empower each other as women.

●      To internalise our abilities to deepen and expand on our personal journey and exploration of inner growth.

●      To nourish our uniqueness and develop our individual leadership skills.


“Showing up through growing up and growing up through showing up” – Michael Brown


Who are we

●      We are women of different nationalities, ages, professional backgrounds and life experiences who want to empower ourselves and each other.

●      We value women and their significant role in this world. We believe our commitment to each other takes us further than we could go alone.

●      We are part of this workshop because personal development, inclusive leadership, financial abundance, mutual support and inspiration are important to us.

●      We honour values such as freedom, individuality, inclusion and diversity and don’t belong to any particular religion or sect.

●      We are open to expand the concept of Womanhood. Anyone identifying themselves as women is welcome here.


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