Co-Being Experience

Mariana Borau & Nathalie Galfrascoli


We invite you to join us for a 3-day journey into connection: with yourself, with others
and with… ALL.


We believe that life can be a supportive playground in which we can experience
ourselves and each other fully, and that’s what CO-BEING is about.
It is through connecting to our essence and our values that we can find harmony with
everything around us, yet when we find ourselves out of alignment, it will be made
known to us through imbalances in our body and feeling disconnected.

CO-BEING is an experience where we come home to ourselves by reconnecting with
what makes us human.


“There is more that connects us than that which seems to alienate us”




During this weekend of being together, we will dive into an experience for the mind-
body-soul which includes:

● Daily morning yoga and meditation.
● 4 guided interactive workshops.
● 2 evening activities: full moon ritual, music, dance and sharing.
● 1 professional photoshoot and digital HD pictures.
● 2 nights accommodation (Thursday and Sunday night options available).
● 3 plant based meals a day.
● Opening and closing ceremonies.


We will begin on Friday morning and close on Sunday afternoon.
Does not include:
● Flights.
● Transportation cost to DIMA (contact us to coordinate a pickup from Sineu



About us



Instagram: @_mi_alana and @moonriseayurveda

“I do of my life an artwork”


● Professional photographer & videographer, certified Ayurvedic practitioner.
● Venezuelan/Spanish, world traveller, learnt Ayurveda in India, currently based in
● Mariana finds herself thriving when creating spaces for others to explore their
true nature and to tap into their essence so that they can step into their power
and take the reins of their lives.



Instagram: @holisticbeing_
Create a life that feels good on the inside”

● Holistic life & leadership coach, singer, certified NLP and Reiki practitioner.
● Argentenean/Italian, 10 years living in the UK, Netherlands and Spain, currently
based in Mallorca.
● Nathalie’s work is to support empaths & sensitive people to be, live and work in
an authentic aligned way where they get to serve others without burning
themselves out.


  • Jun 25 2021 Jun 27 2021
  • 16
  • Price: 475€. Special price ‘Bring a friend’: 850€ for 2 people. (Reservation Deposit 200€) Food & Accomodation included.