Deva Daniela Spagnoli

– for singles and couples –


3 day Retreat to explore, through Systemic Constellation Work:

🔹what we carry from the Family of Origin, that doesn’t allow us to follow freely our own path

🔹what we keep repeating from the Family of Origin, that doesn’t belong to us or that doesn’t serve us anymore

🔹how to find our place in the Family of Origin, to find our place in the world

🔹how to connect with ourselves and others in a more mature and authentic way

🔹what keeps us away from relating consciously (in partner relationship, with family, at work…)

🔹what brings us tension, discomfort, anxiety, doubts into relating and in life

🔹what prevents us from living fully our lives


We will discover the 3 Principles that move us into relating:


– Belonging, Order (Hierarchy) and Balance in Giving and Receiving.

– We learn how to bring fulfilment and well-being, through them, into our lives.

– To live a deeper, mature, authentic and conscious life.

– We will bring clarity to the hidden patterns we learned in our childhood.

– The family of origin represents our roots, the foundation on which we build our whole life. Every separation, bereavement, exclusion, create a wound in the system that affects future relationships, work and the body through physical symptoms.


The reason to explore Family and Systemic Constellations is to find the truth that hides behind any discomfort (anxieties, guilt, insecurities, diseases, relationship problems with family of origin, partner, children, at work) to bring it to light, to recognise it and find a solution, balance and fulfilment in life.





Coming from the medical field and later on through Chinese medicine, I’ve always been curious about our human nature, from the physiology of the body to the movements of the soul.

And through Holistic Counselling, family constellations and meditation, working with people I keep working on my self, following my inner journey, with passion and enthusiasm.

I offer individual sessions, in person and online, and I facilitate workshops and retreats on Family Constellations, Relating Consciously, Self-Growth and Women Work in different countries in Europe.